Choice and acquisition of a puppy of VEO

Choice and acquisition of a puppy of VEO

The main issues arising at the beginning manufacturers specializing in the East European sheep-dogs: how to choose a puppy of VEO? And where to buy it?

If you decided to buy the East European sheep-dog, then it is worth addressing to specialized club or to amateur dog breeders who purposefully are engaged in cultivation and cultivation of VEO, using efficient dogs with good appearance or, in a different way, an exterior and strong mentality. Before purchase it is possible to go to exhibitions and to choose parents of future favourite if you are ready to wait some time.

When choosing a puppy VEO should be decided for what needs you are going to get it:

  • for protection;
  • for participation in exhibitions;
  • for sports activities;
  • for cultivation.

At the appeal to club the dog breeders consider wishes of buyers and will help to pick up an ideal pet.

By the way, consider that puppies of parents of an average exterior cost cheaper, than from lines of breeding vostochnik. At the same time it is necessary to consider working qualities and character of a puppy of VEO. If you decided to buy a dog for breeding work, then it is necessary to treat especially carefully puppy parents, it is better that his mother and the father were from the famous producers, had a good exterior, high exhibition estimates.

Decide on a sex of future pet. If you want the soft and appeasable dog who was more attached to the owner choose to a bough. They give in to training more simply and do not concede in security qualities to dogs. The beginning manufacturers have fears because of features of keeping of female dogs. You should not panic and be terrified because of it, boughs pay attention to dogs only during a techka, and it occurs every six months. Dogs demand to themselves more skillful approach, they are more powerful, larger, more independently and as producers are anxious with an issue of reproduction. But the character of the East European sheep-dog will depend not only on biological features of breed, but also on your aspiration and desire to bring up an adequate dog and the reliable partner.

It is possible to buy a puppy of VEO from monthly age. You do not hurry when choosing, have a talk with owners, look at mother of puppies of VEO, study documents. Observe these lovely lumps, choose the puppy who is interested in all who is not afraid to approach people, active and cheerful. Healthy puppies of VEO usually cheerful, well-fed, with cold noses, clean eyes and brilliant soft wool.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team