Correct keeping of a krasnoukhy turtle

Correct keeping of a krasnoukhy turtle

The Krasnoukhy turtle is in great demand at manufacturers. An armor its quite flat, with age on it patterns in the form of yellow strips appear. The turtle received the name because of existence of a bright red spot behind an eye. As well as any other pet a krasnoukhy turtle requires the correct care and contents.

Leaving and maintenanceKrasnoukhy turtles live long enough (it is not less than thirty years), however the irresponsible and unprepared owner can reduce the pet's life to three years. This species of turtles needs to be contained in a spacious aquaterrarium. For one turtle you will need an aquarium on 150-200 liters. Water has to be warm and clean.

Though this reptile will also see off practically all the time in water, it all the same needs the land where he will be able to have a rest and take a walk. Therefore in an aquarium there has to be a convenient, gradually rising slope. The bank has to be rough that the turtle could cling easily to it claws. It is ideal if the land occupies not less than a quarter of the area of an aquarium.

At young growth the armor has a bright green color, over time it becomes yellow-brown or olive.

For clarification of water it is possible to use the external aquarian filter of any type. Young krasnoukhy turtles will quicker grow if water in an aquarium is clear. For full replacement it is recommended to use otstoyanny water (it is necessary to change water in process of pollution, but at least once a week). Turtles need heat therefore it is necessary to install the glow lamp over the island, its thermolysis is remarkable and light is more similar to solar. Surely get an ultra-violet lamp, in cold season of turtles irradiate with this light within three minutes at half a meter distance. All animals and reptiles need sunlight therefore it is recommended to walk in the summer with a turtle, air temperature at the same time should not be lower than 25 wasps. If the pet's claws too long, accurately cut them manicure tweezers.

Be accurate as in claws there pass blood vessels.

What to feed a turtle with?Krasnoukhy turtles with pleasure eat also the granulated forages, both mincemeat, and a crank. To eliminate deficiency of calcium, turtles need to give boiled fish (low-fat grades). The diet of the pet should not consist only of meat as the turtle can get sick with rickets. At the menu there have to be animal forages, with age it is better to give preference to vegetable types of food. To two-year age you feed a turtle daily, is more senior to feed pets enough two-three times a week. Put a forage at a water edge. When the krasnoukhy turtle gets used, it is possible to begin to feed her on the island, having put food in a saucer with water. The pet should not lack a vegetable forage, give them young leaves of cabbage and salad, various pond seaweed. Consider if in your aquarium there are small fishes, the turtle can eat them.

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