Cyperus: leaving and reproduction

Cyperus: leaving and reproduction

Many fans and lovers of houseplants more often buy flowers, without having sufficient knowledge of care for them because of what the risk appears to do much harm to a plant. If in a collection of the flower grower there is a cyperus, it is necessary to study rules of care for it carefully.

Origin of a cyperus

The environment of growth of a cyperus - tropical and subtropical regions. This flower belongs to family sedge, in common people has also other name - is full. He prefers to grow at reservoirs or in the marshland. Today about six hundred types of a cyperus are known.

Care for a cyperus

As the cyperus is from tropics, plentiful watering to it is simply vital. For providing favorable conditions the roots of a cyperus have to be damp, and the plant needs to be held in a shadow as from hit of direct sunshine the flower will wither and will begin to dry. Also frequent and plentiful sprinkling of a cyperus is recommended by water of room temperature. At house cultivation of a cyperus it is necessary to observe the correct temperature condition: in the summer about 20-25 degrees of heat, in the winter temperature should not fall lower than 12 degrees. This plant does not need intensive fertilizing: enough one or two once a month to water a plant with weak solution of mineral fertilizers.

Correct cultivation of a cyperus

Reproduction of a cyperus is made in four ways: seeds, shanks, division and sockets. For reproduction by seeds it is necessary to prepare flat dishes with the mix consisting of one part of sand and two parts of peat soil. After planting of seeds it is necessary to cover capacity with glass or food wrap. It is necessary to water seeds with warm water. After the sprout becomes rather large, it is landed in pots with wall height by seven centimeters. In one pot it is possible to plant no more than three plants.

Cherenkovy reproduction needs to be carried out to the spring period. Before office of a shank it will be required to reduce a surface of leaves by two thirds. It is the best of all to cut off a shank under a bottom corner of a verticil of the top part of escape. The ready shank lands in the pot filled with peat soil with neutral acidity. It is possible to divide for cultivation only an adult cyperus, age of two years. At change it is necessary to divide a plant rhizome carefully: usually by the time of readiness of a cyperus to breed the division created two or more groups of roots therefore to cut them there is no need. The separated bush should be planted in soil and to provide it with plentiful watering. The last type of reproduction is carried out by cutting of a part of escape with the deciduous socket. After cutting the socket is located in the container with damp sand. After disembarkation of a shoot it is necessary to provide heating of the lower soil layer. Temperature of heating from 20 to 24 degrees is recommended. After emergence of roots in a shank it is replaced to the soil.

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