Dwarfish pinscher - the description of breed

Dwarfish pinscher - the description of breed

Dwarfish pinscher – small by the size, but very active dog. If in family there are children and you decided to make a canine friend, look narrowly more attentively at this bright kid.

History of breed

This breed is called still a zwergpinscher and it is removed in Germany about 300 years ago. And though externally he is the poured-out reduced Dobermann terrier, to think that the dwarfish pinscher came from this breed, it will be wrong. The zwergpinscher – ancient breed, the first mention of the dogs similar to a dwarfish pinscher treats the 15th century.

More likely, on the contrary, Dobermann terriers appeared thanks to zwergpinschers: it is considered that mister Doberman was crazy so about these doggies that he aimed to remove breed with a similar exterior, only large. In the past the zwergpinschers were applied to catching of rats and mice and also to protection. Now it is mainly a dog partner.

Standard of breed

Height of a dwarfish pinscher in withers of 25-30 centimeters, weight is 4-6 kg. Slender well-muscled body, high paws, small head and graceful neck, wool smooth and brilliant. Was considered earlier that the dwarfish pinscher without fail needs to stop a tail and ears, but now ears stop more and more seldom. According to the standard of breed, only 2 colors admit: red and black and subdead. Earlier it was admissible also brown and subdead, but now it almost does not meet. The breed of dog a dwarfish pinscher differs in the unusual graceful gait similar to a gait of a saddle horse.

Character and contents

Despite the small size, on classification of the International Film logical Federation, the zwergpinscher is ranked as office breeds. It easily gives in to training. Strong muscles and vigorous character allow to use this brisk doggie in sports disciplines (dog agility, a mastiff frisbee, etc.). He will become the excellent partner for those who lead active lifestyle, loves walks in the fresh air. The dwarfish pinscher perfectly is suitable for contents in the apartment. This is a family dog who will be patient to children and will become them the good companion on games. She is obedient and bright, is quickly accustomed to a toilet outdoors. It is trustful and playful with family of the owner, but at the same time she alerted in relation to strangers. This is the wonderful security guard who safely rushes on any who will encroach on the territory protected by him. Zwergpinschers usually get on with pets of other types well. And here often clash with dogs. Not bad they get on only with those with whom are familiar from puppyish age. Behind their short wool leaving simple, however it is necessary to consider that it badly protects from cold therefore for cold days it is better for this doggie to buy special clothes.

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