Education and training of cats

Education and training of cats

Taking a cat in the house, we hope that it will brighten up our life, but unexpected and very unpleasant surprises sometimes begin. Behavioural surprises at cats can occur for two reasons: the cat is sick or at her and her owner there are different views on life.


1. The owner does not understand that the cat is an animal, thousands of years were an animal and will remain to them further. And the fact that we try to inform in a conversation with an animal her of our feelings and desires – is senseless, and as a result complicates life to the person and an animal. It is necessary to talk to a cat, of course, but bring up a cat not words, and actions. It is necessary to understand that the cat does harm to the owner not specially, and working impulsively, following the animal instincts. Let's talk about problems in behavior at healthy cats.

2. So, in the beginning we will consider the main lines inherent in cats. They have magnificent memory. The cat will never obey to force, she will only be frightened, the fear literally will paralyze it, and you will achieve nothing. But not everything is so tragic. With a cat, even the most capricious, it is quite possible pleasantly and with pleasure to live in one house. Just it is necessary to treat it slightly more seriously and to understand that she, first, the living being, and secondly, animal moreover and a predator at heart whatever you white and downy had it. Everything is simple, and all relations with your alumna should be built proceeding from these two concepts, then you much more facilitate life to her and yourself.

3. Very well in family and for the child when in the house there is an animal, it in own way cultivates in it responsibility, patience, respect for the environment. All cats like to play, catch. Perfectly, give it this chance, play with it 10-20 minutes during the day. For this purpose it is possible to use anything: plumelets on a string, mice, bows from usual paper, a stick, the cat will chase all this with pleasure and big passion. But it is not necessary to cultivate in a cat aggression, provoking it and teasing with hands or legs, further you will suffer from its attacks and cruelty, and the cat will not understand in what her fault.

4. It is possible to solve any problem, even a cleanliness problem. The main thing that should not be done, it to rub the nose of a poor animal in a tray or to leave in a toilet on all night long, it you will achieve nothing, it is necessary to be slightly more patient. But a solution can always be found. The main thing not to despair, not to be upset and not to neglect everything. And then your life with a cat will bring you only joy, and you will be proud of yourself and the alumna.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team