Effective ways to get rid of a smell of a cat/dog in the apartment

Effective ways to get rid of a smell of a cat/dog in the apartment

Pets give joy and a cosiness to the owners. However contents requires them special attention. Otherwise unpleasant smells of wool and a toilet of pets can frighten off not only guests of the house, but also members of household.

Even if your four-footed favourite the cleverest and well-mannered, the nature will prevail, and he will hurry to mark the territory. And if concerning dogs this problem is solved in the first several months - they can be accustomed to walks, then cats will visit the toilet in the apartment daily. And it is good if your pets "visit" the toilet prepared for them. The bigger discomfort is brought by urine smells on carpets, furniture, wall-paper. Deodorants do not solve this problem. They do not save from smells, and only for a while kill them a bigger fragrance.

There are several reliable ways to get rid of a smell of cats and dogs in the apartment.

National methods

Wash the floors yodovy water. On half-buckets of water add 20-30 drops of iodine. Iodine well eliminates an urine smell, and your pet will instinctively look for that toilet which you prepared for it and which it already marked. Potassium permanganate has the same effect. Guide weak solution of potassium permanganate and wipe with it a floor.

Spirit, soda solutions or tea tea leaves will help to cope with spots on carpets and furniture. Moisten a spot with water, and then solution. Leave for several minutes and again moisten with water.

Store means

There are so-called converters of smells. They can use when cleaning carpets and furniture. They act as sprays, are harmless to people and pets and well eliminate smells, without allowing the four-footed prankster to make a toilet in not put place. Converters of smells can just be used indoors with an animal even if in it there are no unpleasant smells of a toilet. 

Pay attention

Quite often at forums it is possible to meet councils to wash the floors with addition of vinegar or chlorine. They also eliminate a smell of urine of the pet, but then it is necessary to eliminate a smell of the vinegar or chlorine. Besides, chlorine is toxic and can do harm to your favourite. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team