Features of care for a spaniel

Features of care for a spaniel

Spaniel - a friendly and cheerful dog who for certain will become a favourite in family. These dogs are beautiful, nonaggressive, sociable, well get on with children. However having made the decision on acquisition of a dog of this breed, once some features learns care for this long-eared handsome. As the manufacturer and the groomer I will share some secrets of this breed with a 15-year experience.

It is required to you

  • - metal hairbrush crest,
  • - bowl cone
  • - overalls,
  • - shampoo for long-haired breeds of dog,
  • - hat pipe.


1. A spaniel - a dog long-haired. Therefore he needs to be combed out daily that beautiful long wool on paws, a stomach and ears was not felted in koltuna. The metal crest with frequent teeth best of all is suitable for daily combing. The brush slicker brush for every day is not necessary. Its function is to facilitate comb-out of an underfur and to comb volume on paws. Except that spaniel it is regularly necessary to cut - on average, time in 4 months. If you have the necessary skills, you can do it independently. Or address the head of breed or the groomer. And here it is not necessary to bathe too often not to overdry leather and hair of a dog. Do it not more often than once a month. In dirty weather dress the pet in overalls better, and wash paws after walk just with water.

2. Representatives of this breed - big fans to eat. And all anything, but even a full spaniel - big the beggar. It is worth sitting down at a table, it here. And gluttony often results these dogs in excessive completeness. You remember - the adult spaniel has to weigh 11-14 kilograms, it is no more. Of course, at a dog edges should not be looked through, but also wide thick sides do not paint him, add load of heart and a liver and reduce the life term of an animal. Therefore do not feed up from a table and do not allow it to do to members of household.

3. A spaniel - a dog mobile. Still, breed hunting. Of course, now the most part of these dogs is held in apartments and the game in life was not seen. However temperament at them very live. This dog will not lie just like that in a corner. Therefore daily walks are obligatory. If there is the yard - can just release, let walk. And if not, then walking, except natural needs, has to satisfy also the need for the movement. So walk for one and a half-two hours, let the dog run, brings toys. The main thing, do it far away from the carriageway.

4. Except long wool, a lot of trouble upon owners is brought by eyes and ears. A frequent problem of eyes - conjunctivitis. In eyes wool climbs, dust flies. Periodically wash eyes with Furacilin, if necessary use drops according to purpose of the veterinarian. Ears conceal two problems. First, are soiled at food, and the bowl cone does not save. Attempts to fix them by a scrunchy or to hide under a collar, by experience of owners, are not really effective. And here if you buy a hat pipe for ears, it will help. Secondly, an ear long, closed, with dense wool. Therefore at representatives of this breed otitises are frequent. Always you watch a condition of ears. Wash out from dirt and sulfur the cotton pad moistened with warm water or solution of Furacilin. In case of inflammation, reddening, address the veterinarian.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team