For what diseases cats treat

For what diseases cats treat

People love cats not only for their grace and tenderness. Long ago it was noticed that the contact with these animals positively affects health. It is enough to put a cat on knees, to stroke and listen several minutes to monotonous rumbling as nerves calm down, the mood improves, there pass headaches.

Cats are born doctors, most often they the first find the center of a disease and begin to treat him, being selected is closer to a sore point or keeping within directly on it. It is not necessary to resist: the animal thus takes the care of you. It is noticed, the more the cat is attached to the owner, the more sharply shows the concern at any trouble in its organism. Scientists note curative power of these animals, and females have it the strongest. The people having cats have cardiovascular diseases less and five times less often ask for medical assistance.

It is possible to be engaged in a felinoterapiya (treatment with a cat) during feeding, in the course of the game or when the animal is in a quiet state, having just put a small animal on knees. If the cat does not like coercion, do not hold her, violently the small animal will not treat. But if everything occurs of own will, then the cat is capable to cure you of many diseases.


If you cannot fall asleep, put a cat on a laying on a table. Sit down at a table and press the favourite to a forehead. Procedure duration - 5 minutes. Sessions are held every other day, all 10-20 procedures are necessary for disposal of insomnia.

Diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path

At diseases of a zhelkdochno-intestinal path a cat it is necessary to put on area of a solar plexus and to lie down quietly 5-7 minutes. The full course makes 10-12 procedures, to carry out daily or every other day.

Bronchopulmonary diseases

At pulmonary diseases a cat, and it is even better than a kitten, it is necessary to put on area of a breast. Procedure duration - 8 minutes. Then the patient turns over on a stomach, and the assistant puts a cat to it on a back between shovels. Procedures are carried out daily or every other day, all 10-12 sessions are necessary.

Catarrhal diseases

In this case the cat is stacked on the back of feet and held as long as possible. Treatment is carried out daily, the course makes not less than 3-4 procedures.


At osteochondrosis it is necessary to stack an animal on a sore back for 10-15 minutes daily. Long-term treatment, a course makes not less than 18 procedures.


At a depression it is necessary to put a cat on knees, to stroke several minutes and to listen to rumbling. Scientists proved that the frequency of vibration of cat's rumbling well influences an organism, reduces stress, promotes treatment and prevention of many diseases. Well calms nerves and a simple game with an animal lightens the mood.


At a hypertension it is the most useful to wear ""a cat's collar"", having put a cat on a neck. It is necessary to make it three times a day 3-5 minutes. in total 10-15 sessions will be required.

Sexual frustration

In this case an animal it is necessary to put on buttocks. It is necessary to lie down long enough as far as there will be enough patience at you and at a cat. To carry out procedures daily, not less than 25 times are possible every other day.

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