Guinea pigs clever animals?

Guinea pigs clever animals?

The guinea pig is usually the favourite of all family members. At the correct education the guinea pigs differ in the kindness and softness of character. They with pleasure communicate with the person and always understand what from them is wanted to be received.

Habits of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs live in love and care up to 15 years (on average 7-8 years), remember the nickname and respond to it. In general this rather clever animal capable to become attached to the person to learn to recognize the owner. Guinea pigs are very careful small animals: if hear noise, become on back pads and prick up the ears, attentively listen whether the danger threatens them. If they are frightened, then hide to the shelter.

Guinea pigs if to accustom them to it, very much like to kiss. They with pleasure make contact with that person with whom fell in love. The animal can express unwillingness to sit in a cage loneliness, to demand different sounds that paid attention to it. Every time when the person comes into the room where she lives, she will enjoy arrival of the owner even to try to put out a muzzle to it towards.

This small animal loves attention, and, of course, it is desirable to take more often it on hands. It is the best of all to iron it on the head. Only having learned to trust completely the owner, she will allow to iron also a neck as, for example, a cat. Besides, it can as a cat to climb under a hand and to ask it to stroke kind of. Some guinea pigs so strongly become attached to owners that even lick to it hands. The rodent expresses the emotions various sounds – a pokhryukivaniye, chirping and even rumbling. The humming sounds are made by males, looking after females, or leaders of small flocks, and "chirp" most often pregnant females.

Guinea pig in the house

In food the animal is unpretentious: apples, cucumbers, cabbage, fennel and a dry feed provide it healthy gloss of wool. An indispensable condition for good nutrition is hay. It is both food, and a laying. It is also important that guinea pigs always had clear water. One of features of an organism of these rodents is that they do not produce ascorbic acid. Therefore the sufficient content of vitamin C in a stern is necessary. It is impossible to give any animal products, including milk: this is a herbivorous rodent, and lactose in his organism is not acquired. If the small animal runs on a cage, plays, digs a laying, then he is in a fine state and is healthy. The guinea pig cannot be picked up at all as kitten, - under a stomach. It is necessary to take her so that her hinder legs felt a support and the animal did not lose balance, otherwise the guinea pig will be frightened.

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