Guinea pigs: leaving and maintenance

Guinea pigs: leaving and maintenance

Simplicity in leaving and keeping of guinea pigs is the main reason for popularity of these animals. These lovely beings demand the soft address, love when they are ironed and caressed. This rodent – a gregarious small animal, perfectly feels, being in collective. But if you are going to get only one guinea pig, then have to try to compensate loneliness by the interest and care.


The cage for keeping of a guinea pig can be made of any material (plastic, a tree, metal), but at the same time it should not be too small, its size should not be less than 40х40 centimeters. As an animal active, it is necessary to give it the chance to run much, let out him periodically to take a walk about the room. Establish a feeding trough and a drinking bowl in a cage, it is desirable that they fastened to cage boards that the mumps did not turn them.

As teeth of a guinea pig grow during all life, they are required to be ground off. Cut off or get a branch of a fruit tree, put it in a cage. If you bought the pet a big cage, then it is possible to establish in it a toilet with sawdust or filler. Usually guinea pigs go to a toilet in one place therefore the similar backet will simplify to you keeping of a small animal. It is necessary to make cleaning of a cage two times a week, and to clean a toilet – once a day. Pigs are afraid of overheating and drafts, consider these factors. Optimum air temperature has to be 18-20 degrees.

Care for a guinea pig

Guinea pigs are engaged in a personal toilet independently, but you can comb the pet a brush from time to time, wipe with a dry rag. The long-haired pig needs frequent combing that wool did not fall down in koltuna. If the lump was suddenly formed, accurately cut off it scissors. It is recommended to comb Rozetochny and short-haired pigs only during a molt two times a week. It is necessary to bathe a pig in case of need (if wool around back pass became soiled or the animal was strongly soiled by the food remains). Fill a bowl with water of room temperature, lower an animal in water and accurately wash up it, at need it is possible to use children's shampoo, without affecting the head of a mumps. Upon termination of bathing take the pet of their water, wipe a towel. A long-haired pig it is possible to dry up the hair dryer. The animal is susceptible to cold, save it from drafts and cold after bathing. You contain in proper condition the pet's claws. Too long claws complicate the movement of a guinea pig. Take special tweezers or kozhnitsa and truncate them, trying not to damage living tissue and blood vessels. Regularly check ears of a mumps, if necessary clean auricles from pollution and dust by means of a paper kerchief. If the unpleasant smell proceeds from ears, it is recommended to address the veterinarian, it can demonstrate existence of an ear tick.


Food has to contain not less than 20% of crude proteins and 15% of rough fibers. The forage has to consist from: cereals, vegetables, dandelions, turnip, cabbage, apples, sunflower seeds, potatoes, grass, salad and beet, tomatoes and hay. Besides, it is possible to give to guinea pigs of at least 5 milligrams of vitamin C with drinking water. In enough hay has to arrive. You do not feed the pet with the following products at all: the cheese, sausage, eggs, a red cabbage, overripe and immature fruit, sweets which dampened mouldy and rotten sterns.

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