How many there live hamsters in house conditions

How many there live hamsters in house conditions

Hamster – an animal who is very often got for the contents in the ordinary city apartment. He is little, nice, takes not enough place, eats a little, gives in to training. Buying a hamster, especially for children, it is necessary to consider that he lives less, than other pets.

Life expectancy of hamsters

Life is so arranged that the an animal more small, the shorter it life. Hamsters, unfortunately, not an exception. On average they, irrespective of breed, will be able to please you about 2-2.5 years. If you provide to the pet good care, then he will be able to live 3, and even 4 years.Hamsters are very strongly subject to diseases. Diseases proceed at them promptly, and rather seldom it is possible to cure an animal – the hamster perishes. Not to endure this nightmare, upon purchase choose a healthy cub. Considering a short age of a hamster, it is expedient to buy a young individual. She transfers change of a situation easier, is quicker tamed. But the age of a hamster should not be less than three weeks, it is desirable that he was able to eat independently. Look how the hamster looks. A healthy small animal mobile, with fast reaction. At him smooth, without naked spots wool which densely adjoins to a body and also shining eyes and breath without rattles. It is better to buy a hamster in pet-shop – it will give you a guarantee that you get a healthy animal. In pet-shops of all animals the veterinarian checks. It is important since hamsters can be carriers of causative agents of the different infections dangerous to the person.

How to prolong a hamster life?

Lodge the favourite in a spacious cage. Track that it stood in the secluded place where there are no drafts and direct sunshine. Exclude dangerous objects which can become the cause of a trauma of an animal from a cage. Do not use vatu as filler as the hamster is capable to get confused in its fibers, and trying to be released, it can injure a pad. In a cage use only special filler. Do not replace it with the newspaper: typographical paint can cause poisoning. Do not create to an animal of stressful situations. Hamsters do not love changes therefore do not move too often a cage. You should not carry out also often full cleaning of a cage, breaking the habitual course of life of a hamster. Do not touch products which it hid "for emergency". You do not feed a hamster from the table. Many hamsters love "human" food. But this habit shortens to them life. Hamsters cannot be bathed. The pet can catch a cold and die of bathing. The hamster itself is able to keep the fur coat clean. Do not think that to a hamster badly alone. On the contrary, this animal has heightened sense of the territory, and the neighbourhood to it to anything. If to observe these recommendations, then your favourite will live happy life of that duration which was allocated for him by the nature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team