How many there live midges

How many there live midges

Usually a midge call a humpbacked mosquito. It has body length to six mm. Unlike a present mosquito, it has shorter legs and a proboscis. Besides, wings of an insect at rest develop one on another. Short moustaches total eleven chlenik.

Who such midge?

To understand that for an animal – a midge and how many she lives, it is worth getting acquainted with her life a little in more detail. As it became already clear, a midge - the closest relative of a mosquito. Respectively and conditions of their dwelling are similar. Existence nearby of a reservoir is important for a midge, there larvae exactly will develop. These insects perfectly feel in water and exactly there lay eggs. Midges cling to stones or stalks of water plants and absolutely easy go down under water, arranging similarity of incubators there. As females of a midge remove larvae not one by one, and big groups, rather large colonies are formed. On the area of one square centimeter there can be about two hundred larvae. At these insects the surprising feature is traced: they breed all life.

A specific place in life of midges is held by food. It is clear, that favourite food for them is blood warm-blooded. There is no wonder, as their proboscis is as well as possible intended for a puncture of integuments. But it only at first sight. Some species of midges eat only nectar of flowers.

Some species of midges, for example, a kolumbatsky midge, became the real disaster for cattle breeders of pridunaysky areas. The fact is that the okuklivaniye of larvae of this midge comes to an end in May - and then hordes of insects attack all live in the district. Concerning a kolumbatsky midge the life expectancy is defined extremely precisely. Right after fertilization the male perishes, and females, having flown into a rage, huge swarms attack the cattle and people. Stings of midges constitute rather considerable danger to people and animals. One-two stings do not pose a threat, but when they are estimated in hundreds, there is a serious health hazard. The liquid injected by a midge initially anesthetizes the place of a sting. But it is very poisonous: a minute later there hypostasis already develops, the severe itch begins to torment.

How many does she live?

The midge to human measures very quickly perishes. According to scientific data, all duration of her life is ninety six hours. For these four days it has to manage to find food, to find couple, to lay eggs and only then to die away. Thus, the sting warm-blooded, allowing to take care of future larvae becomes the purpose of all life of a midge. For some reason human blood of the third group is especially attractive to a midge. Its owners most often are attacked by midges.

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