How many weeks last pregnancy at a dog

How many weeks last pregnancy at a dog

Externally it is quite difficult to define pregnancy of a dog on early terms. There are certain signs, but their emergence can be not connected with fertilization. The pregnancy period at each dog occurs differently. The behavior, changes of an organism and terms differs from conception till the birth of puppies.

Terms of pregnancy of dogsMost often pregnancy dogs lasts from 60 to 63 days. In certain cases this period can reach 72-73 days. Range of terms of pregnancy depends first of all on specific features of a dog.

At many dogs the appearance of toxicosis is observed during pregnancy. The appetite at the same time can both amplify, and to vanish, however meal, as a rule, is followed by emetic reflexes.

The viability of the born puppies is usually not connected with long term of the period of pregnancy. Healthy puppies can appear both before term, and after standard indicators. In this case health of the dog plays a major role.

Are the reasons of frailty of posterity as imparted, unpreparedness of a dog, a trauma or the bruises got during pregnancy, inadequate leaving of the owner or his carelessness. If puppies do not appear after 73 days of pregnancy, then surgery is performed.

Features of pregnancy of dogsOn early terms only very attentive owner can notice pregnancy. Changes happen to color of characteristic allocations and are observed in behavior of the pet. Formation of bodies of future posterity happens by 15th day of pregnancy. By 25th day the size of germs already reaches 1 cm. During this period it is possible to define how many puppies will be in posterity. After 30 days of pregnancy of change become more expressed. The stomach of a dog is rounded, the thorax becomes wider, nipples bulk up. After seven weeks of pregnancy of a body of puppies it is possible to probe a hand. Their heartbeat is well listened and sometimes it is possible to notice how they move, changing the arrangement.

In the first weeks of pregnancy at some dogs it is possible to notice a peculiar change of behavior – the animal tries to preserve the stomach, protecting future posterity.

After 50 days of pregnancy at a dog the preparation for childbirth begins. During this period milk begins to be allocated, and the stomach considerably increases in the sizes.

Behavior of a dog during pregnancyThe behavior of a dog can repeatedly change during pregnancy. Some individuals become aggressive, others, on the contrary, retire and refuse walks. Besides, at each individual flavoring preferences and appetite change. Some dogs begin to use any products or become too choosy. Reaction of dogs and after the delivery is ambiguous. Some individuals do not interfere with contact of the owner with puppies, and the dog can sometimes strictly forbid to approach the posterity.

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