How many years carp lives

How many years carp lives

As a result of researches it was noted that pikes and carps live longer than other fishes. In general many fishes live long enough. But carps differ in the highest life expectancy. Pikes live for several years longer, than carps. The age of pikes can reach two hundred years.

Centenary carp

During the researches the carp who lives in a small pond under supervision of one old man was revealed. Today to a carp there are about hundred years. The carp is more senior than the old man for thirty years. Centenary fish is estimated at six million yens that is rather large sum. The same price is established on the greatest pictures of the past and also other works of art. And the thing is that such high price characterizes interest in long-livers as the term of life is the most intriguing secret of mankind. As for true long-livers, turtles win first place among champions. These slow sliders can live up to three hundred years. Recently the turtle which age exceeded a mark in three hundred years was found. Imagine how many events in the world were postponed by this being. It underwent all wars, the greatest opening, change of tsars and princes, formation of the new states. The turtle is entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

As life of fish is defined

Experts it was revealed that life of a living organism depends on the period of growth of the most animal. If to consider the fact that fishes grow during all the life it is possible to tell about that, as life of fishes will be long. Crocodiles also grow during all life. Their age also reaches up to three hundred years. Of course, you should not judge life expectancy, leaning only on this poorly studied fact. But nevertheless, there is in it something peculiar and true. Each living being lives the life depending on living conditions. Many inhabitants of oceans and seas become someone's production that reduces the term of their life by the maximum number of days, months, and even decades. The fundamental law of life expectancy, for example, of carps and turtles is not found. But with confidence it is possible to say that the carp, a pike and also a catfish and an eel differs in the greatest life expectancy.

Carp, which

Carps of breed which live longer than all carps on Earth. The Japanese researchers very long kept up with history of the long-liver of a carp by the name of Hanako. After numerous experiments it was revealed that the age of a carp reached 217 years. Researchers were dumbfounded by the received results in which could not believe. Hanako died at the age of 227 years. During this time he managed to become history as the true long-liver. Still many scientists remain in amazement how the carp managed to live so many years in a small pond. What conditions are necessary to this breed of fishes for long life at the bottom of a reservoir?

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