How much is parrot

How much is parrot

Parrots are bright, extraordinary beautiful and very inquisitive birds. In the world there are more than 300 of their types which many representatives became pets. Historians and ornithologists consider that these bright birds appeared, at least, 50 million years ago.

Parrots are extraordinary popular as pets. In houses of many city and villagers there live in the basic budgerigars or a korella who are close relatives of a big cockatoo. Slightly less often nerazluchnik who received the name because if choose to themselves couple, then for the rest of life meet. Quite often people hold at themselves the African gray parrots or zhako – fine simulators of the human speech. Absolutely seldom meets are which impresses with the size and picturesque plumage.

Purchase of a parrot

Before deciding on acquisition of such pet, it is important to realize that behind it serious leaving is required, and financial investments in its contents will be necessary. It is the best of all to buy parrots in special nurseries or shops. Important criterion when choosing the pet is its price.

Formation of cost of a bird depends on several factors: breed of a parrot, his origin, age, sex. The baby birds who are grown up by the person are more expensive as they are already adapted to life among people.

Also the size of a parrot influences cost, of course. According to this sign they are divided into three main groups - large, average and small. Large parrots (the macaw, zhako, a cockatoo) have growth to 90 cm, possess the considerable intellectual. Persons interested to buy this bird should pay the impressive sum. Representatives of such types as a korella, a budgerigar, nerazluchnik have much the smaller sizes and cost, of course, not so much as their big fellows.

Maintenance and feeding

Except the actual cost of a parrot, it is necessary to consider also that the cage, a forage and other accessories to its contents is required. The cage for a parrot has to correspond to his sizes – its width has to be twice more than scope of his wings, at least. Besides, it has to be convenient also for the owner of a bird, in respect of her cleaning as it is necessary to clean it twice a day and this procedure should not be followed by inconveniences. In a cage there have to be a feeding trough, a drinking bowl and a so-called perch for games and entertainments of a parrot, without it he simply will not be able normally to develop. It is better to buy a forage for a bird in specialized shop. Kormosmes for parrots includes all necessary ingredients for their growth, development and normal activity. But also feeding by natural products, for example, grain mix which consists of seeds of cereals is possible. Besides, at a diet of feathery pets there have to be vegetables, fruit and greens. Regular costs and of a vetobsluzhivaniye of a parrot will be necessary. It is impossible to visit the doctor's office only when the bird not really well feels. The owner has to take himself for the rule to regularly show a parrot to the expert to exclude emergence of problems with his health.

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