How to accustom a cat to a breast-band

How to accustom a cat to a breast-band

In general domestic cats do not feel any urgent need for daily street walks – same not a dog! However with approach of spring even the most desperate fluffy homebody wishes to breathe fresh spring air and to gambol on a grass.


1. In spring time many holders of domestic cats walk them. Their pets not only frolic on a grass, but also eat it, receiving missing vitamins. However illiterate actions from owners can lead to the fact that the cat who seldom leaves the house will be frightened of street noise and will escape in the unknown direction. That it did not occur, the pet is recommended to be walked on a special cat's lead – a breast-band. It is impossible to put a usual dog lead as it will not bring anything good on a cat. The fact is that cats cervical muscles have less and more weakly, than at dogs, and a neck very gentle. Incorrectly picked up lead can just injure an animal.

2. The breast-band is the special cat's collar intended for short-term and long walkings of the pet. The breast-band consists of two thongs connected among themselves. One of them is clasped on a neck of a cat, and another – on her stomach. Around cat's shovels on a breast-band there is a ring to which the lead is attached. In general the breast-band is the very convenient thing guaranteeing comfortable walk both to a cat, and her owner. The most important in all this is truly to pick up a breast-band and to accustom to it a cat!

3. Before beginning to put a breast-band on the pet, it is necessary to carry out special preparatory work with a cat. It is necessary to accustom a cat to a breast-band in advance, for example, one week prior to walk. It is worth noticing that young cats get used to new "ammunition" much quicker, than mature. It is not recommended to pull a thong on the pet by force as cats hate when their freedom is limited. It is necessary to give to an animal time to get used to a lead: let the fluffy favourite will sniff at a breast-band, will a little gnaw it. It is necessary to put a breast-band on the place, visible to a cat, that the animal before walk saw it all week and got used thus.

4. After fact-finding work was carried out, it is necessary to try to put a breast-band on the pet accurately. The first reaction of a cat can be unpredictable: the cat can desperately escape from captivity of "ammunition", be nervous and in general behave quite aggressively. You should not be frightened it. In this case it is recommended to distract the pet some favourite delicacy, to caress a cat. The most important here is to remove from the favourite a breast-band only when the animal completely calms down and will reconcile to the fate. The first acquaintance of a cat to her breast-band has to be short – you should not go to far in it!

5. Then within several next days it is necessary to fix accustoming of the favourite to a breast-band: to put on periodically and to periodically remove thongs from an animal. It is necessary to achieve that the cat quietly moved on the house in a breast-band, without reacting to new "ammunition" in any way. That accustoming took place quicker, it is necessary to encourage the pet for good behavior in a breast-band, it is impossible to punish strictly during this period a cat and to shout at it. As soon as the animal learns not to notice thongs, it is possible to fasten a lead. In such look it is necessary to take a walk with a cat in the house, it is impossible to pull the favourite for itself, to brake it a lead, etc. The cat has to feel freedom of travel. When the contact of a cat with a breast-band is finally come, it is possible to come for walk safely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team