How to accustom a cat to a claw sharpener

How to accustom a cat to a claw sharpener

Desire to secure the furniture against pet claws - quite natural to the owner of any cat. But they cannot deprive of cats of an opportunity to sharpen claws, this process it is necessary for health and good physical shape. It is possible only to accustom them to do it in specially intended place. For this purpose you will need patience and endurance and also a subject under the name ""claw sharpener"". You can make it of a piece of the tree upholstered with fabric or buy in pet-shop. Remember that the your pet is younger, the it will be easier to accustom him to a claw sharpener. Therefore these need to be engaged at once as soon as the kitten appeared in the house.

It is required to you

  • - claw sharpener;
  • - solution of cat's mint or tincture of a valerian;
  • - aerosol with a smell of a citrus.


1. Pay attention on what surfaces the kitten prefers to sharpen claws - on vertical or on horizontal. What materials are pleasant to it more? Consider these factors during the choosing or production of a claw sharpener. Take care also of that the claw sharpener was steady and maintained animal weight taking into account that it will grow. It is better to place a claw sharpener in those places where the cat most often tries to sharpen claws. In process of accustoming of your cat to a claw sharpener you can gradually remove a subject to the location, comfortable for you.

2. Having noticed that the cat sharpens claws about furniture, you do not shout at him. Rather strictly and sharply It is impossible to tell ""!"". It is possible to accompany words with cotton in palms or blow of the curtailed newspaper to the next subject. The cat will understand that he does something not that. It is not necessary to beat an animal - it not in the best way will affect yours with him the relations.

3. If you want to make any physical impact, use a water jet from the spray. The contact with water is rather unpleasant for representatives of the cat family. After that bring a cat to a claw sharpener and put him front pads on a subject surface. Perhaps, it will instinctively stick claws into a claw sharpener. Show it the approval about it.

4. Surely praise and caress your favourite if he used a claw sharpener for designated purpose. Quite often the praise means to an animal more, than punishment for a fault.

5. Be patient. It is more difficult to accustom a cat to a claw sharpener even, than to a tray. But the result is worth it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team