How to accustom a cat to the house

How to accustom a cat to the house

You conceived moving to new housing. And everything is already ready to departure, it was necessary to lay things and to happily celebrate a housewarming. But your cat or a cat can solve in a different way and to become more than inadequate. How to avoid such problems at adaptation of a cat to the new house?


1. You do not hurry to take away a cat from old housing. Even if you already packed things and just about will go to the new address, let your animal will stay a little more in old until you prepare the new room for his arrival. Only your pet should not be this time in proud loneliness – invite to the house to look after it someone to whom the animal trusts and whom loves.

2. Spread out in the new house of a thing of your pet as they were in old. If he showed any special love for some detail of your clothes, then lay out it on a foreground. Let your smell will fill with itself new housing.

3. At once define where there will be a tray and ware of a cat. Lay out a tasty treat in a bowl. On arrival to the house your cat has to find to herself the place.

4. Try to limit movement of an animal on the apartment to the sizes of one-two rooms at once. And gradually increase the area of its territory. It will help to avoid to a little animal of an excess stress.

5. Bring an animal to the house. Let's it examine new housing. Do not leave his one, but also do not pursue it. From time to time talk to him, it will let know that you are near, so your pet under protection.

6. You do not hurry to let out an animal to the yard. Give it the chance evenly and gradually to explore the territory. Open before it every day a new door. Then allow an animal to study an entrance or a verandah well. And only after that, several weeks later after moving, release on the street for short time. Ideally your cat has to make the first walks on a hungry stomach. Then she will surely return to the house to eat.

7. Hold off purchase of new furniture at least few weeks. This time, as a rule, is enough that the little being ceased to mark the territory and to press close on corners.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team