How to accustom a cat to the place

How to accustom a cat to the place

Cats – very clean and accurate creations. In most cases kittens independently learn to go to a tray, observing and repeating actions of the mom. However they cannot sometimes get a due education, in this case the kitten needs your help. It is quite simple to accustom your pet to a tray, the main thing is to show a little patience.


1. First of all it is necessary will take care of buying a tray and filler for it (at the beginning filler can be replaced with fragmentary toilet paper). If you do not make it at once, then prepare that the kitten itself will choose the location, comfortable for it. To get rid in the future of such habit extremely difficult. Try to choose the most secluded and available place for a tray. Remember that the door to this room has to be constantly open.

2. As often as possible (7-10 times a day) put a kitten in a pot which was bought for it. Later time he will understand for what it is so persistently rubbed the nose. After he uses a tray for designated purpose once, the remained smell will signal about correctness of its actions. Every time when the kitten made "it" in the right place – you praise it and encourage. If the pet celebrated the need by a tray, then do not abuse it at all. Put a pot near this place. Daily remove it on 1-1.5 m aside. In several weeks your pet will become the most exemplary cat.

3. With adult individuals everything is slightly more difficult. Often they have a mass of own reasons of such wrong behavior, for example, jealousy, offense or fear. In case the cat already several times chooses the wrong place for a need spravleniye – it is necessary to accept counter-measures urgently. At first try to get rid of a steady smell in such places, it is possible to make it by means of chloric solution (1:10) and crusts from citrus. Then it is necessary to take the guilty pet by the scruff (be not frightened it, in such a way the cat treats the kittens) and to stick him into a tray that he felt a smell and understood what he was punished for.

4. Sometimes the unwillingness of a cat to do the things in the right place is caused by the fact that it does not like a tray, filler or began to smell from detergent which you use for disinfection. Try to understand in what a problem. Happens what it is enough to stop washing a toilet with bleaching powder that your pet began to use a tray with pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team