How to accustom a chihuahua

How to accustom a chihuahua

Dogs of breed of a chihuahua are very tender, playful and kind. They are strongly attached to the owner, easily get on with other animals, love children. However, as well as any dog, to her needs time to get used to a new situation.


1. One of advantages chihuahua - reticence. This dog will never bark just like that. Only very nervous doggies bark more often usual, but it can be only costs of the wrong education, for example, if you shout in the presence of a dog, or, on the contrary, too indulge her. You make thrifty use of a dog, and care for her, and the animal will be reserved.

2. The second merit of this breed - a possibility of schooling to a house toilet, similar to a cat. If the majority of dogs celebrates need on the street, then a chihuahua - an exception. However, if you, nevertheless, want the dog to celebrate need on the street as usual, accustom her to be emptied at that time in which it will be convenient to your family. Walk with a dog the first time approximately at eight-nine o'clock in the morning, then two times in the afternoon and once in the evening - at 20 o'clock, but do not accustom her to go to a toilet too early in the morning or late at night that it did not turn into a system. Since cold fall put on a kombinezonchik that she did not catch a cold a doggie.

3. In bad weather when it is undesirable to walk the pet, as a toilet for it it is possible to use a usual cat's tray or even a rag. It is convenient both for the owner, and for an animal. When walking of an animal stops, remove for a while carpets and oriental carpets. That the dog understood what from her is required, moisten a rag in its own urine. Buy in pet-shop special spray for processing of those objects on which it is impossible to celebrate need. It is also possible to put to appropriate places of a bowl from which the dog eats - near them she will not begin not suit a toilet.

4. Cooking for a chihuahua does not take a lot of time. The dog is undemanding to food and eats very little. Its diet has to be various. If in the afternoon you leave her one, accustom her to a dry feed. Track also that she always had fresh water.

5. It is necessary to walk a dog even in case she is accustomed to a tray as only on walk she can gambol in the pleasure. Try to arrange, however, the house so that it touched nothing as to try the chihuahua and indoors will frolic. Always you praise it for good behavior, and for bad abuse. Iron more often a dog that she felt attention and care. Do not leave her at home alone with yourself for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team