How to accustom a dog to a nickname

How to accustom a dog to a nickname

From the very first day as the puppy appeared in your house, he needs to think up a nickname. Any dog is accustomed to her pretty fast, in three or four days of stay in the house. Treat the choice of a nickname seriously. You will often address the pet. You should say hourly its nickname, for example, during training, feeding or walk on the street.


1. Choose a nickname which corresponds to a sex of a puppy and does not cause unpleasant associations. The harmony of a nickname will be pleasant to people around, and will cause in them sympathy for a dog. Therefore do not think out the nicknames bearing in themselves any negative sense. It has to be short and easily said. You should not use human names, place names or military ranks. The nickname has to be simple.

2. You say a nickname loudly and accurately so that the dog understood that call her. Repeat it periodically even if there is no need to call a dog. As soon as the puppy pays attention to you and will run up to you, encourage it for ingenuity, stroke or treat with tasty delicacy. At the same time repeat a nickname several times. Before feeding a puppy, raise his feeding trough, call him, wait until he responds and will approach you, and only after it lower a bowl with a forage on a floor. Repeat a nickname few times also during feeding of a puppy. Develop ability to react immediately to an appeal at a puppy even if it is strongly distracted by something. Before feeding surely wait until the dog distracts from a stone or a toy, will cease to watch a cat and will hear that you call it. You feed a puppy only after he pays attention that the owner calls him to food.

3. Set the developed skill daily. Encourage a puppy and you praise his every time when he pays attention that you call him, and runs up to you. Gradually reduce the number of incentive gestures. In the future to praise a puppy for the fact that he responds on the nickname there will be no need. Only if further he suddenly ceases to react to it, can return to incentive delicacies for a while.

4. The puppy at the age of three months usually gets used to a nickname therefore you need only to fix and improve this skill. Over time replace encouragement in the form of delicacy with an oral praise, for example, of exclamation "well!" and "well done!". Remember that the puppy has to react to the nickname in due time. If the dog responds not at once, so the skill is not up to the end developed. Complicate a task of improvement of skill, call the pet when it is distracted by something. You can carry out exercise in a complex. For example, call the pet, having said a nickname, give the command "to me!" and then "walk!". But you should not say a name of a dog during training too often, otherwise the dog will begin to execute the command only if the team was combined with a nickname.

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