How to accustom a dog to clothes

How to accustom a dog to clothes

Some loving owners prefer to dress the pets in the latest fashion. And for the owners of small doggies living in Russia it is need at all, otherwise in the winter the animal risks to catch a cold. However the rare dog puts on the clothes which are carefully chosen by her with pleasure, the majority it is necessary to accustom to it patiently.

It is required to you

  • - delicacies.


1. It is possible to accustom a dog to clothes from three – four months. For a start carefully approach the choice of clothes for a dog. It is the best of all if you together with the pet go to shop and you will try on several suits. After you put overalls on a dog, let's it walk. Look whether the clothes prevent an animal to move, whether rubs whether the overalls will interfere with a dog to descend in a toilet. If you choose clothes on a dog – the teenager, take a suit more widely.

2. If for some reason you could not go to shop with an animal, take measurements of it. You have to know length of a dog from withers to the tail basis, thorax volume. Do not forget to call to the seller breed of your dog that he helped you to pick up overalls and agree that you will be able to change it if the clothes after all do not suit a dog.

3. After the suitable clothes are chosen, begin to accustom to it a dog. Dress the pet of the house that it had an opportunity properly to consider and smell a thing. Let a dog resembles dressed on the apartment, you have to praise her at this time and encourage with delicacies. Every day increase time which the dog spends in clothes, beginning of 10 – 15 minutes.

4. After the dog quietly walks about on the house in a suit, it is possible to bring him to the street. If your pet adores going for a walk, problems with clothes will not arise, he will get used and will be happy the same as is happy when you put on him a collar. Stock up before walk with favourite dog delicacy to encourage your pet.

5. If the dog dressed in overalls costs as driven and does not want to move a little, you should stock up with patience and to take a walk with her longer. Sooner or later the dog nevertheless will want in a toilet, and it should reach the next tree and to raise a paw.

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