How to accustom a guinea pig to a drinking bowl

How to accustom a guinea pig to a drinking bowl

The guinea pig needs very many water. She often, in particular if drinks a forage insufficiently juicy. However the animal who is just brought to the house needs some time to get used and learn to be guided in space, new to it. It is possible that the pig will not understand at once how to use a drinking bowl, unusual for it. In this case she needs to be accustomed.

It is required to you

  • - cage;
  • - automatic drinking bowl;
  • - fresh water.


1. Before bringing a mumps home, equip for it "apartment". In a cage there have to be a clean laying, the filled feeding trough and a drinking bowl which represents capacity with a special tip. Attach a drinking bowl at such height that the animal could without efforts reach a tip. The lodge at first can be not put. Let the pig will get used to a surrounding situation and to you, and in several days it is possible to provide to it and the shelter.

2. Let out an animal in a cage and look how it will behave. Guinea pigs are quite timid, however some think at once where that is in their new dwelling. If the small animal had in the same place just the same drinking bowl, he will understand quicker, as in new there is water so necessary to it.

3. Having seen that the guinea pig obviously looks for water, but cannot find it, bring it closer to a drinking bowl. Make it so that the small animal was slightly stuck with a nose into a tip. But be not overzealous, the nose has to touch a metal ball only.

4. If the pig after all does not think that needs to be done, put her near a drinking bowl. Touch a tip and wet a finger. Bring it to a mouth of a mumps and let's it lick. Repeat the procedure several times.

5. Remember that the guinea pig has to receive water regularly. Usually she begins to drink from a drinking bowl as soon as to it it is shown. But there are not really bright or absolutely timid animals who learn the lesson not at once. You do not become angry about a mumps and do not think that she is silly. Have patience. In several days you by all means will achieve success, guinea pigs get used to new owners quite easily.

6. When the guinea pig gets used to a situation and will become absolutely manual, begin to let out her on walks. Take care that and at this time she could drink if it wants it. Put a cage on a floor, and attach a drinking bowl so that it was from outer side of a cage and at height, habitual for a small animal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team