How to accustom a hamster to a drinking bowl

How to accustom a hamster to a drinking bowl

Before you let in a hamster his new dwelling, make sure that at it there are all attributes, necessary for a small animal. Treat them: lodge, feeding trough and drinking bowl and also running wheel. Many consider that hamsters receive enough moisture from greens, vegetables and fruit, but it not so. Availability of water in a cage or an aquarium is obligatory. In article it will be a question of types of drinking bowls and ways to accustom to them a hamster.


1. Use a usual plastic or ceramic pan as a drinking bowl. However pay attention to a number of shortcomings. First, the small animal very much likes to overturn ware, respectively water pours out. As a result the laying will be constantly damp. Secondly, the hamster with pleasure will throw a bowl a forage or filler (sawdust, paper scraps, hay, etc.). In the third, pokoposhivshis in the spilled water, the small animal can catch a cold and (in the absence of competent treatment) even to die.

2. You can get a standard drinking bowl from plastic. This kind of a feeder costs not much, besides, it fastens on cage rods so that the flask remained outside, it saves internal space of a cage or aquarium. The hamster will not be able to turn such feeder at all the desire. Respectively, the threat that the small animal will become wet is excluded and will catch cold.

3. And better get an automatic drinking bowl (nippelny). It consists of a plastic container for water and a steel nose with two balls or the valve located vertically are the best drinking bowls for hamsters. Water flow in an autodrinking bowl keeps at the expense of the valve or a ball and flows when pressing. This kind of drinking bowls costs quite much, in comparison with above. But pluses are that it is necessary to change water much less often as the hamster will not be able to pollute it.

4. Hamsters are very bright therefore they seldom have difficulties with use of drinking bowls. But sometimes it is necessary to show to a rodent that there water.

5. With the first two types of drinking bowls of problems does not arise. To accustom a hamster to drink from an autodrinking bowl, it is necessary to bring it to a muzzle of a small animal that several drops got into a mouth.

6. It is possible to catch the moment when the rodent licks something and to palm off on it a drinking bowl nose.

7. One more way to accustom a rodent to a drinking bowl is to cover a metal tip with some delicacy (oil, processed cheese, jam, etc.)

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