How to accustom a kitten to go to a tray

How to accustom a kitten to go to a tray

Cats are by nature very clean therefore their schooling to a tray at children's age is possible. Just explain to your pet what is a tray and for what purposes it should be used.


1. That the kitten accepted a tray, it is necessary to establish it correctly. Try to choose the secluded, hidden from public eyes place. On the other hand the place it should not be closed, do not deprive of the kid of an opportunity to get to a toilet at any time without your help. The bathroom can become the perfect place, but you proceed from opportunities of the apartment.

2. As soon as you bring kitten home, at once put it in a tray, stroke few times, tell something tender and let's it look round, sniff at a subject, new to it.

3. If you accustom the kittens born in your house wait for 4 weeks. At this age the kittens begin to get out in the first independent travel about the room. Do not miss these walks. As soon as you notice that the kitten stopped and strained a little, take him and at once replace in the tray standing nearby. There are enough one or two times that at the kid the conditioned reflex was developed. Leave a tray in the room for a week - another until kittens grow up so to find a toilet where you define to it the constant place.

4. In case of small or big trouble in not put place, show to a kitten the discontent, you can even abuse him, but do not punish physically at all. A permissible maximum – knock it slightly a forefinger on a nose, make at the same time the hissing sound. Quite so the cat mother explains to children that those made something inadmissible. Then take guilty on hands, carry in a tray, pass to tender tone.

5. Can happen so that the kitten does not like a tray, filler or a smell of the detergent applied to disinfection of a cat's toilet. Try to understand what the reason of rejection of a toilet consists in. Sometimes just it is worth ceasing to wash it with bleaching powder as the situation cardinally changes and the kitten with visible pleasure begins to use a tray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team