How to accustom a polecat to a tray

How to accustom a polecat to a tray

Polecats are very clean animals and it is necessary to accustom them to a tray from the earliest age. But do not demand too much from the pet. If the polecat in 80% of cases goes to a tray - it is already good result.


1. As soon as you brought a polecat to the house, keep it the first few days in a special cage. At once place in it that tray which you plan to use further when the animal freely moves on the apartment.

2. As polecats always celebrate need in a few minutes after a dream, it is necessary to accustom them to a tray as follows. Wake your pet and take on hands. As soon as he begins to show concern, put in a tray and track that he did not run away into other place. After the first use of a toilet praise a polecat, treat with favourite delicacy and give the chance to take a walk out of a cage. But everyone half an hour you carry the pet back and put on a tray.

3. If the polecat did dirt indoors, process this place disinfectant which destroys smells. Abuse a polecat and lock in a cage for some time. During the following walk on the apartment you watch closely the pet and do not allow repetition of a situation.

4. Remember that polecats very much love purity and will never begin to go to a dirty tray. Therefore wash it several times a day and if you use filler – clean in process of pollution. As soon as the pet it becomes regular to celebrate the needs in a tray, begin to accustom him to free life in the house.

5. At first the pet makes one of rooms available, and at this stage do not let in the others. Establish a tray in one of corners of the room and place in it the toilet piece of paper moistened in animal urine. If the polecat celebrates need in other place, do not abuse it, the animal did not get used to the new room yet. Wipe the soiled place with the structure destroying smells and lay there a rag which is a laying for an animal. Having felt its smell, the polecat will not begin to defecate in the same place.

6. As soon as you notice that the polecat accepted a characteristic pose and is going to do dirt in not put place, at once carry it on a tray. If you were not in time, it does not make sense to abuse an animal. Punishment will be productive only if the pet is overtaken unawares. At first try to look after constantly a polecat, it will accelerate training process.

7. As soon as the animal accustoms on the new place and will begin to go orderly to a tray, open for it new space and thus gradually accustom to free life in the house. If there is a lot of rooms, then trays it is necessary to establish a little as process of digestion at a polecat very fast and an animal will not begin to run to a tray if it is too far.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team