How to accustom a polecat to hands

How to accustom a polecat to hands

Today many are engaged in keeping of polecats. The known problem is the aggression of small animals connected with their genetic features, but it can be solved by means of the correct training.


1. It is better to accustom to hands Kharkiv at the age of 2-3 months. With animals this process much longer and more difficult will be more senior, and absolutely adult polecats cannot almost be accustomed to hands.

2. After you for the first time bring a polecat to yourself home, you should not disturb him and to pay too much attention. Place him in the equipped cage, give some delicacy and leave alone. The first two-three days your communication with it to come down to simple feeding. A mistake of many beginning breeders of polecats is that, wishing to accustom as soon as possible an animal to hands, they try to seize sharply and suddenly a small animal in a cage. Such behavior can strongly frighten and forever turn off from you your pet.

3. After the small animal a little accustoms on the new place, it is possible to start its training. For a start just try to be more often near its cage that he saw you, put a hand on a lattice that he could get used to your smell. It is better if only one person – the owner, but not all family members accustoms a polecat to hands.

4. As soon as the polecat gets used that you are with him nearby, begin to feed him from hands. First it is necessary to put on dense gloves as the small animal can bite. Take a piece of delicacy and put at yourself on a palm. Place a hand in that place where the polecat usually has a bowl. You should not move to it a palm with food – have patience and sooner or later the small animal itself will approach you.

5. After the polecat gets used to take food from hands, it is possible to try to stroke him when it approaches behind delicacy. It is necessary to do it very carefully not to frighten an animal.

6. When the polecat normally reacts to stroking, it is possible to try to feed him from hands without gloves. When he gets used to your hands, it is possible to try to take him to itself when he sleeps. If the small animal begins to worry, stroke him and give delicacy. If even after that he not to calm down, put him in a cage and try to take him next day.

7. Accustoming a polecat to hands the main thing everything to do gradually, without imposing the attention to an animal and without frightening him by the sharp and sudden actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team