How to accustom an animal to the owner

How to accustom an animal to the owner

Nobody likes to come to the empty house. As told the famous mail carrier Pechkin: "You will get an animal, you will come home, and it is happy with you!". Many people arrive at an idea sooner or later that want to get a kitten or a puppy, to buy thoroughbred or to take street with huge compassionate eyes. And here sharply there is a domestication problem.


1. Domestication of little kittens and puppies. Most favorable for domestication and education to take a little kitten or a puppy. The period of the main socialization at them falls on 5-7 weeks. At this time animals already open eyes and begin to study the world around actively. Including to look for and accept that person who will look after him to which he will be able to trust. If you want that the kitten or a puppy with pleasure went subsequently to you to hands, was not nervous at the sight of other people and did not escape from your embraces, accurately take it on hands, caress and iron it not less than an hour a day. Do not cause to the pet pain and discomfort, it can do irreparable harm to mentality. Play with it more. Despite assurances of distributors of goods for animals, paper bows on a thread at kittens and a stick at puppies become the most favourite toys. The main thing that the loving people played with them. Animals feel the attitude towards them. Accustom to hygiene, the schedule and teams gradually, it is better to stock up with patience, than once and for all to lose trust of an animal. Abuse the pet only for good reason, no later than half an hour after incident – differently it will not understand what you punish him for.

2. Domestication of adult animals. Often happens that the animal appears without owners – the former owner died or moved, did not cope with the obligations for leaving, did not want to be responsible or the animal out of curiosity ran away on acquaintance to the outside world, or it was born and grew on the street. You or purposefully take an adult dog or a cat from a shelter, or see eyes by which you cannot pass any more, and here in your house the new family member appears. It is much more difficult to tame an adult cat or a dog, than a kitten or a puppy, especially, if it had negative experience of communication with the person, but street "podobrashka" can be much more devoted and are more grateful for the saved life, than animals of elite breeds. First of all, plan a campaign to the veterinarian, attentively examine an animal, receive the decision of the expert about his health. Be ready that most likely the street animal should be treated – helminths, fleas, ear pincers and dysbacteriosis – only an iceberg top. If you are not ready to such financial and moral expenses, it is better to refuse a street animal. Having brought an animal home, feed him not with dense, but nourishing food. It can be strong broth, cottage cheese or porridge. After feeding hold up a hand. Perhaps, in the first weeks the animal will recoil or will even disappear from attempts to stroke it, but over time when it understands that you do not want to hurt it, the pet will surely stretch to you. You should not be imposed with caress, the fearfulness and caution should be eradicated gradually, give the tenderness by tone of a voice. Of course, games can help fast socialization and adaptation how the animal was mentally injured, the curiosity in a game can be triggered in it always. Do not abuse an animal for street habits – damage of things, search of leftovers in a garbage can, the celebrated need not in that place. You remember, it was necessary to an animal not with pleasure, show patience and prudence – hide things which can be spoiled, close a garbage can more densely, apply special sprays and aerosols to schooling to a toilet. We wish you the kind relations with your animal, communication with a small grateful fluffy lump is not comparable with anything!animal to the owner"" src= """" of srcset= "" 340w, of 550w, 680w"" of sizes= "" (max-width: 414px) 340px, (max-width: 668px) 550px, 680px"">

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