How to accustom nerazluchnik to hands

How to accustom nerazluchnik to hands

Nerazluchniki – unusually beautiful parrots with bright multi-colored plumage. They received the name because of strong attachment of a male and a female to each other. Nerazluchniki live in the nature only in couples, they have together a rest and eat. It is necessary to accustom such bird to hands gradually.


1. Schooling of a nerazluchnik to hands – process long and laborious, demanding from the owner of patience. Success of domestication in many respects depends on age of a bird. Absolutely young parrot will be much simpler to be accustomed to hands, than the grown-up individual. Than longer feathery lives in the open-air cage or pack, especially wild it will be in relation to the person. Difficult nerazluchnik who managed to face ill treatment give in to domestication.

2. The cage of a parrot has to be highly as nerazluchnik do not love when they incline over them. The first few days after acquisition leave a bird alone, do not disturb her without need. Talk with a parrot by an equal and quiet voice, calling it by name. To begin to tame a nerazluchnik it is the is best of all in a week after his development in the house. The bird should not be frightened your presence and approach to a cage any more. In this case the cage should be lowered at the level of the person that the parrot could watch you. Without need do not climb in a cage, do not encroach on personal space of the pet.

3. If in the house there are other animals, limit them access to the room with a nerazluchnik. Talk to a parrot not less than forty minutes a day. Process of domestication should be begun with prikarmlivaniye of a parrot with delicacy. Slowly approach a cage with the pet, begin to talk tenderly, offer a piece of apple or carrots through rods. When the bird begins to peck a treat, smoothly open a door and suggest to taste apple directly from a hand. If the effect is reached, shift a piece of fruit to a palm. To get delicacy, the nerazluchnik should get up both pads on your palm. Try not to do sharp movements not to frighten off a bird. Nerazluchnik has to feel on your hand in perfect security.

4. Over time, when the parrot will get used to eat from a hand, let out him to fly and try to treat out of a cage. And as communication with the owner gives to a nerazluchnik great pleasure, he will begin to get to you on a shoulder sooner or later and to sit down on a hand even without delicacy. You do not shout at a bird at all, and do not try to force something to execute it by force, otherwise the result will be the return. Also you remember, a nerazluchnik – a defenseless and lovely being whose destiny entirely in your hands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team