How to attract geese

How to attract geese

Hunting for a goose long since was considered in Russia as one of hobbies of the men who are not representing the life without the nature. And today many hunters are ready to travel about day and night on fields and arable lands and to stick out on swamps in a zasidka if only to receive the hunting trophy in the form of a bausond goose or a gumennik. However, statistically, only at 5 – 7% of hunters it turns out to hit feathery. All because the goose – a bird cunning and careful, flies highly, and in the field of reach enters seldom. Therefore skilled hunters know: geese need to be beckoned. It is possible to do it in several ways.


1. In shops for hunters and fishers or on the specialized websites on the Internet it is worth looking for a decoy. This sound device for imitation of shouts of geese. With its help the hunter can draw attention of the flying by pack and achieve that birds went down below, on shot distance. Decoys differ depending on for what subspecies of birds they are intended. Can be made of plexiglas, a tree, also electronic decoys meet. It is recommended to make sounds with their help in the field, but not on the swamp.

2. Figures of geese. It is possible to make a profile independently, having just drawn the image of the pecking goose on the material which is available for you and having cut out it on a contour the electrofret saw. Then the goose needs to be painted in white-gray color, without having forgotten to allocate red a beak and pads. The size of a profile has to be more than the size of a live goose for drawing attention of the birds who are flying by by. As geese live in flocks, they cannot but pay attention to the relatives who are allegedly pecking something. Profiles for a bait surely there has to be a little that they imitated goose pack. It is possible to place them as in the field, and on water, certainly, previously having put a profile on the pointed pegs or rods.

3. Along with profiles a good decoy the decoy scarecrow of a goose is considered. Volume scarecrows are made of rubber and are on sale in specialized shops. They cost expensive therefore some hunters find a way out, buying more economic frameworks of geese and winding them with the toilet paper covered with paste in the manner of a papier-mache. When paper dries, the papier-mache is cut, the framework gets and used as a basis for preparation of the following decoy goose.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team