How to bathe a chihuahua

How to bathe a chihuahua

The origin of breed of a chihuahua is connected with ancient Aztecs. These are mobile, cheerful dogs of the small size who perfectly feel even in small apartments. They love people and well give in to training. Dlinnoshersty and korotkoshersty chihuahuas quite gentle creations therefore when bathing it is important to follow certain rules.


1. Not to bathe puppies of a chihuahua up to 5-6 months better. If during walk the puppy soiled paws, then they can be wiped with a damp rag. The first inoculations do to a puppy in 2-3 months, then repeat an inoculation every year. After an inoculation it is necessary to wait three weeks and only then the dog can be washed.

2. Dog handlers have no consensus how often it is possible to wash a chihuahua. Some advise to do it not more often than once in 3-4 months, some allow monthly holding a procedure of bathing. It is supposed that too frequent washing of wool promotes that from it the natural fat protective film is washed away and wool becomes dim, dry and fragile, besides, the dog can have a dandruff.

3. Anyway, for washing it is necessary to use special "dog" shampoos. Pay special attention to that water did not get into ears to a dog, it can become the cause of an infection and inflammation of ear pass. Before bathing twist couple of small cotton tampons and thrust them into ears of a dog.

4. Air temperature in the bathroom has to be rather high that the dog did not freeze, it is not lower than 24 degrees. Water temperature – 35-36 degrees. Water can be gathered also in a sink, the dog will quite be located in it.

5. Previously having wetted wool, having watered a dog from a bucket, apply shampoo on all body, a tail and ears. On paws and a stomach is possible more. Soap wool and then wash away shampoo, watering a dog from a bucket or a shower. At once wrap up it in a towel. Cotton tampons can be removed.

6. Accurately and carefully wipe a body, a tail, paws and the head. It is possible to dry up wet wool the hair dryer, only check that air was not hot. Do not overdry hair of a dog when drying by the hair dryer, but also do not overcool a dog if air is too cold.

7. Wipe ear passes of a dog with the special spray for an auricle applied on a Q-tip. Eyes can be processed and wiped wool around them with special means or just damp bag of already made green tea. Once a month it is necessary to cut claws which at a chiakhuakhu practically do not grind off naturally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team