How to bathe a decorative rabbit

How to bathe a decorative rabbit

Specialists in cultivation of decorative rabbits do not recommend them to bathe needlessly in general. Hair of a rabbit has ability to self-cleaning and hit on it excessive moisture breaks an integument imbalance. Therefore it is necessary to wash an animal seldom and in urgent cases.

It is required to you

  • Basin (bath), the thermometer, food (any of that that is pleasant to an animal), a terry mitten (sponge), a big towel (not less than 5 pieces).


1. Prepare a basin with water. Water temperature has to be 38-40 degrees. If to make water is colder, the rabbit can freeze and catch a cold. It cannot be allowed as catarrhal diseases of these animals are practically not treated.

2. Give to a rabbit carrot, cabbage or other food which especially is pleasant to him. Stroke its wool in the direction of its growth. Thus, you will calm the pet.

3. Remember that during the water procedures it is impossible to use any detergents as they will negatively affect balance of hair of rabbit. Instead it is possible to use a sponge, a terry mitten or just to wash an animal with hands.

4. Place a rabbit in a basin or a bath with water of the necessary temperature, stroke him and very quietly water with water. Rub hands all polluted places on animal hair, avoiding at the same time an eye area and ears. It is strictly forbidden to wet eyes and ears as it will provoke appearance of otitis which at decorative rabbits is not treated.

5. When rinsing a rabbit it is important not to use water a shower. Better if there is a container with warm pure water nearby. Carefully take out a rabbit from water and cover him with a towel. After the towel gets wet, it needs to replace and continue to be wiped a rabbit to do in process of drying of the pet. Put absolutely dry animal on a floor, again treat with food and stroke. It is necessary to talk to an animal that it did not take offense tenderly. Decorative rabbits are very clean and are soiled seldom, but if there was a need for their washing, then it is better to do it with the smallest harm for mentality of an animal.

6. Do not accelerate drying by means of household appliances at all - it will frighten a decorative rabbit and will have an adverse effect on his nervous system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team