How to bathe a kitten

How to bathe a kitten

It is well-known that cats do not like to bathe. Usually each bathing of desperately mewing being brings a stress both to the animal, and bathing him owner. Is it necessary to bathe a kitten and when it is better to do it?

There is no definite answer to this question. For a start it is necessary to be defined, how hard your fluffy friend postpones water procedures. There are cats who at all not against sometimes to stand under a shower, especially in the summer, during a heat. But if your pet just seeing a bathtub comes to fury, it is undesirable to wash a kitten. Cats are beings sensitive therefore after the postponed stress the cat still very long can avoid contact with the owner. And still the cat can quite begin to revenge you. And then instead of a tender lovely small animal you risk to find houses of tiny, but rather furious tiger. It is better to refuse bathing in time, than to spoil the relations with the pet. Domestic clean cats can be not washed in general. Very often the animal makes toilet independently and does not need additional washing. But sometimes to wash up a cat happens it is really necessary


If you brought a small fluffy lump from the street, the kitten should be washed, regardless of his desire. The smallest that is hidden by rather dirty hair of a street kitten - it is fleas. Therefore before a campaign to the veterinarian it is necessary to expiate the kid. And if holding a procedure is inevitable, it is necessary to be prepared for it properly. So, it is desirable to bathe a kitten together, it is the best of all in a basin. Now the mass of various shampoos for cats is on sale. The made foam shampoo is applied on animal hair, carefully rubbed in it and immediately washes off. Your assistant has to hold strong a kitten, otherwise you risk to leave an animal not finished washing. Water temperature when bathing has to be not less than 22 degrees. Cats are afraid of drafts and easily get sick from overcooling therefore water temperature is especially important. After you washed away shampoo, the kitten needs to be turned for about five minutes in a soft towel to remove surplus of water from wool. And then your fluffy friend is quite capable to finally dry wool independently.

There is also an alternative to traditional washing. For cats something is invented like perfumery powder now. It is rubbed in animal hair, and then combed out. Wool becomes free and brilliant, but such powder costs expensive. And besides, at it there is a light smell of perfume that can also frighten off both some cats, and their owners.

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