How to bathe a rabbit

How to bathe a rabbit

How often it is necessary to bathe a decorative rabbit and whether it is necessary in general? These animals are by nature clean, they are regularly licked as cats. Stay in water not only breaks a natural fat cover of their hair, but also can lead to cold. Therefore to bathe a rabbit appropriate only as a last resort.

It is required to you

  • basin with warm water, shampoo from fleas for decorative animals, dry towels


1. Many owners prefer to rub off instead of bathing of rabbits the towels moistened with warm water or to wash pads if they became soiled. The procedure of bathing in itself can only do much harm to the pet. Rabbits are by nature timid, and water and shampoos destroy a fat covering of their hair that leads to its loss. For maintenance of a hair in purity much more effectively regularly to comb out the pet special brushes. But if at a small animal fleas were got, bathings not to avoid.

2. Pour warm water into a basin and stock up with the dry, slightly heated on the battery towels. Place a rabbit in a basin and very carefully wet it water. Do not use a shower at all. You watch that water did not get to ears. It threatens with otitis which is almost not treated at pets. Apply special shampoo from fleas (for rabbits or other decorative animals) and wash away it as it is possible more carefully.

3. Do not wait that the procedure of bathing will be pleasant to a small animal. It is possible that he will escape or bite. Act as soon as possible, be afraid to chill the pet. At the same time try to move not too sharply and not to rustle not to frighten a small animal even more. For such responsible operation as bathing of a rabbit, it is better to attract "workmate". After washing properly wipe a rabbit dry warm towels. Use several towels to wipe it as it is possible for the land. Do not liberate it, do not make sure yet that wool dried.

4. That rabbit wool remained free as long as possible, it is necessary not only to comb out constantly the pet, but also to keep order in its open-air cage or a cage. Wash a cage at least once in a week, feeding troughs and drinking bowls – two-three times a week, regularly change a toilet. When washing do not forget about use of disinfectants.

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