How to be engaged with a dog

How to be engaged with a dog

Classes with a dog do her more disciplined that is especially important for large pets who can do serious harm to surrounding people. Besides, as a result of trainings at a dog the close connection is established with the person, the pet forever remembers who in the house the owner, and becomes not only the friend, but also the defender to the owner.


1. That classes brought the maximum result, to begin to train a dog better in 2-2.5 months. At such age has to be trained in the form of a game and not take away more than 10-15 minutes a day not to tire still the little pet.

2. For a start accustom a puppy to own nickname, praising his every time when he responds on it. Until he gets used to a nickname, it is better not to call by its other amusing nicknames and the names, otherwise it will be more difficult for him.

3. Then train the pet in such simple teams as "To me" or "Place". It is necessary to give them accurately and loudly, dogs well remember a voice timbre. When training in the last team it is necessary to clap along with its pronunciation on a rug of your pet.

4. After implementation of the command by a puppy, encourage it with something a tasty and kind word. And that he tried even more, feed him in 2-3 hours before a training. Be engaged with the pet alone, in the quiet and peaceful place that nothing distracted its attention. Before it it is useful to give to a dog time to be run.

5. After three months begin to train a puppy in the following commands: "To sit", "Lie", "Nearby", "Faugh". At the same time at first it is necessary to explain to a dog what you want from her. So, when training in the Sit team it is necessary to press a hand on a back part of a back of a dog that it sat down under hand weight. And when training in team it is possible to pull "Nearby" a lead that the puppy went near your leg, or to clap by a side part of a hip.

6. Avoid punishments for failure to follow commands as the dog has to obey the owner, but not be afraid. When the puppy a little grows up, give him delicacy only for numerous implementation of any commands, in other cases encourage it with a kind word or stroking.

7. Train a dog independently that she executed only those commands which are given it by you. Or attract only family members. And here it is better for Face team to train with the professional instructor. It is also possible to attach this team to other word which will be known only by you – it will allow to avoid dangerous situations with other people.

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