How to behave with sharks

How to behave with sharks

The meeting with a shark can turn into the present tragedy. These predators are capable to deprive of human life in only a few seconds. That it did not occur, it is necessary to know the main precautionary measures and rules of conduct in the sea.


1. Avoid places where there can be sharks. If you are not indifferent to diving or spearfishing before plunging into the sea, consult locals whether there were nearby accidents, whether sharks, etc. were noticed here.

2. Do not plunge in the evening or at night. Sharks quite badly see therefore they extremely strongly developed sense of smell. Plunging in the dark, you lose important advantage. The same treats also muddy water.

3. If you saw a shark near yourself, do not make sharp movements, perhaps, she just will not notice you and will departure in other party. If she decided that you will remarkably look as its production, accept vertical position, turn facing a shark and slowly begin to rise up.

4. You breathe exactly and do not panic. Your fear can provoke a shark to the attack only. As a rule, these sea predators choose the weak victims and if they feel that are afraid of them, then immediately they attack.

5. If the shark approached you on critical distance, and you understand that to be chosen there is no time, do not lower a hand. Try to show it the force and confidence. If you fight back, there is a chance that it will departure. Remember that the most weak spots at a shark are gills, eyes and a tip of a snout. Try to damage them if the predator began the attack.

6. Do not relax if the shark is in the boat or on the land. She can look weak, but as soon as you approach, to attack you. Therefore not less than 5 m are better to be from this predator at distance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team