How to breed Asian hamsters

How to breed Asian hamsters

If you decided to buy the Dzungarian hamster, then you should study the basic rules of keeping of these fluffy rodents, from that how correct care for an animal is, his mood and health in many respects depends.

What should be known to the beginning manufacturers

Homyakov-dzhugnarikov it is necessary to contain in couples, and it is desirable that rodents were familiar from the earliest age. Adult animals can just not be pleasant each other. If you have no opportunity to buy at once couple of Dzungarian hamsters, then accustom to each other adult rodents gradually. For this purpose you can lodge them in the next cages and send regularly to each other "to a date". It is also possible to put a partition in a cage, having divided animals among themselves. So animals will gradually get used to a smell of each other and will cease to clash.

If you do not plan to be engaged in cultivation of the Dzungarian hamsters, then you can get one pet, but consider that alone the animal feels much worse.

How to feed small animals

It is necessary to feed the Dzungarian hamsters with seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, peas and haricot. It is better to get special forages in which the structure is balanced, and components are picked carefully up. A day one hamster should give from 5 to 7 g of a forage. In professional sterns the content of proteins can reach 24 percent, and the content of carbohydrates – up to 60. Fat in such sterns usually no more than 5 percent. In a cage the hamsters always have to have clear water and fresh branches about which rodents will be able to sharpen the teeth. If you give to the favourites fresh fruit and vegetables, systematically check cages for existence of the spoiled products. The fact is that the Dzungarian hamsters adore stocking, and the spoiled vegetables and fruit can lead to poisoning of rodents.

How to equip the dwelling for a hamster

The cage for the Dzungarian hamster has to be rather spacious, despite the tiny sizes of this rodent. If your cage insufficiently big, then surely equip it with the turning wheel in which your pet with pleasure will run. If not to provide to a hamster of a condition for vigorous activity, at a rodent the hypodynamia which, as a result, will lead to obesity can develop. Choosing a cage, pay special attention to material of which it is made. The fact is that the Dzungarian hamsters try to gnaw literally everything that occurs to them in the path and if the cage is expedited from fragile material, the small animal will leave the habitat, having gone to walk on your apartment. It is very good if rods of a cage are located across. The Dzungarian hamsters very much like to go down and climb rods, and such design will provide to your favourite additional physical activity. In a cage surely establish a lodge for a rodent. Asian hamsters lead a nocturnalism, and in a lodge the animal will hide from sunlight, feeling safe.

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