How to breed crickets

How to breed crickets

If you hold houses the reptile, an amphibian or a predatory invertebrate feeding on insects it is better for you to part a live forage independently as in any shops there can be interruptions in deliveries, and to find insects in the nature is unreal in the winter. The most popular and available live forage to cultivation is crickets.

It is required to you

  • - not less than 4 containers of 60х40х30 cm in size;
  • - foil, vaseline, adhesive tape;
  • - sawdust, newspapers;
  • - forage;
  • - containers with the earth.


1. First of all prepare several tanks for insects of different age. Consider that even if you will be very accurate, crickets can escape. Pick up a glass, plastic or wooden box with densely adjusted cover. The sizes of a box can be 60х40 cm, height not less than 30 cm. Provide all area of a cover with air vents. Do not leave a box slightly opened as crickets not only well jump, but also can get on some surfaces (except glass and plastic). That they could not get out of a wooden box, paste over walls with a foil or an adhesive tape, miss the mark with vaseline at the cover.

2. On a bottom place a layer of a dry feed for fishes (a water flea, a gamarus), porridge, sawdust or peat so that all bottom was closed. Instead of such layer you can use filtered or newsprint, but, anyway, do not forget to change substrate at least once in a month.

3. That in a box more insects were located, increase the area on which they will go, by means of cardboard boxes. For example, cardboard boxes from eggs perfectly approach, they can be put in several rows and when time of feeding of your reptile comes, it is possible just to take one of them and to shake in a feeding trough.

4. To maintain humidity in a box, 1-2 times a week spray a box from a spray. It is possible to establish also a drinking bowl if you have dry air and you feed crickets with dry feeds. As a drinking bowl use the damp rag or a sponge put in a saucer with water.

5. You feed crickets alternately dry, juicy food. It can be compound feed, powdered milk, porridge, egg powder, bone or fish meal, dry dog food and cats, etc. As juicy forages use the cut or grated carrots, apples, swede, potatoes, turnip, leaves of lettuce, dandelions, etc.

6. To breed crickets, put to them a small box with the friable damp earth a layer of 5-7 cm, it is possible to close it a cover with big openings. Write date on a container and in 7-9 days rearrange in other box that crickets did not begin to loosen the earth and to eat eggs. Within 3-4 weeks repeat this procedure, every time placing a container in a new box, then give a uterus on a forage. By this time the uterine livestock in the second box will grow up. Thus you form a continuous cycle, and you will always have available crickets of different age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team