How to breed pigs

How to breed pigs

Pigs were always bred in country farms. Today in villages and villages practice on cultivation of pigs remained, in Russia there are about thirty two breeds of these animals. It is not difficult to raise pigs, they are unpretentious in leaving, it is possible to receive a large number of fresh meat and fat for a short period, besides, animals are not choosy in food.

It is required to you

  • The shed or shed, feeding trough, the combined forages, fresh vegetables, fish, grass, tops of vegetable, water.


1. Before buying a pig, think where you will support him? For this purpose it is necessary to allocate the certain light clean and dry room in which temperature is not lower than 20 degrees of heat. It is better if it is constructed of a tree or a brick. In such shed there should not be drafts, otherwise you risk to chill a pig, and he can die from pneumonia. On a floor it is necessary to spread straw, nearby to put a trough for food and separate capacity for drink.

2. Buy a pig, observing several recommendations. Pay attention to his appearance. The healthy animal has smooth skin of pink color, roundish sides, shining mobile eyes, the twirled tail. Besides, purchase should be made in warm season, it is better in the spring that by summer the pigs got stronger.

3. It is good if at an animal a long body, such individuals develop quicker and better grow. If the pig short, at him early begins to be laid subcutaneous fat.

4. At healthy pigs a tail always pure and dry, also good appetite and an equal rigid bristle. Long back hair sign of an illness of an animal.

5. Never take pigs from one owner from one dung. Take an interest in animal weight at the birth and also dynamics of development of a pig at an interval of 10 days. Usually pigs bring a dung two times a year. In 7-8 months they reach already 100 kg of live weight.

6. Pigs are omnivorous. You can get the combined and voluminous forages, give them food waste, vegetable food, such as beet, potatoes, carrots. The diet needs to be diversified with meat and fish products. It promotes full providing an organism of pigs with mineral substances and vitamins.

7. Give preference to corn, oats, barley. Peas which should be offered from time to time pigs too belong to protein feeds.

8. The backet for feeding of pets can be made independently. In it there have to be three-four partitions, for different types of fertilizing as which it is possible to use bran, coal or acorns. It will serve as excellent prevention of anemia. In process of pollution the capacity should be cleaned.

9. Water has to be constantly. Pigs feel strong thirst therefore it is necessary to give to drink to them on 5-6 times a day clear water to avoid intestinal frustration. They can offer milk in a warm look not less than 6-8% fat. Then, it is possible to give polished crude carrots and beet. In two months of cultivation 10 kg of juicy forages are the share of one pig.

10. It is possible to feed a beet and carrot tops of vegetable and also a clover in the summer. At first the grass is overwound via the meat grinder, and small cut later, mixing with other sterns.

11. Pigs can be let out on walk. You watch air temperature, avoid overcooling of animals. In the winter stay in the fresh air has to be no more than 5 minutes in knocks.

12. Hryachkov subject castrations, so they will better grow and less they allow to consume forages, besides, more quality meat. It needs to be done on reaching 40-50 day age. Only the doctor-veterinarian has to castrate, surely take an interest in presence at it of the corresponding license.

13. If at a pig a diarrhea, give it acidophilus milk. Wash up an animal and wipe dry. In certain cases operation on removal of teeth is necessary for a pig, for example, when of them not 6-8 as it happens normal at the birth, and it is more, or they prevent it to take a nipple of a sow.

14. Pig-breeding your hobby will become possible eventually or will develop into family business. Anyway, it is very favorable as pork and fat, today, is in great demand at the population.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team