How to bring fleas at a cat folk remedies

How to bring fleas at a cat folk remedies

Seldom what kotovladelets did not face such problem as fleas. As a rule, all cats walking have these insects at least occasionally, on the street. However, and "stay-at-home" are not saved from similar risk: parasites often appear in the apartment on clothes and footwear of people. Therefore the question "how to bring fleas at a cat, without using medicine" - it is valid, one of the most burning.

Except advantage, chemical medicines can do to an animal serious harm, especially if it is about a little kitten or the feeding cat. Without saying that all these means cost expensive.


It is much simpler to prevent a problem, than to fight against it. Therefore regular house cleaning in which there lives a cat – not luxury, but vital need. The fact is that idea of the fleas living on cats – no more than the myth. Pets having a tail serve this insects no more than "restaurant", and there live fleas on firm, as a rule, the covered pile or fabric of a surface: in carpets, sofas, mattresses and just in cracks on a floor. For this reason at least once all these things need to be vacuumed and, whenever possible, to carry out damp cleaning.

It is necessary to shake out (and it is better to beat out) cat's laying, from time to time to erase them, to process antiparasitic means or broths of the frightening-off insects of plants.

Disinfection of the room

If fleas after all appeared, then damp cleaning, especially, is necessary. But it is necessary to carry out it at more difficult level. Similar disinfection in several stages becomes:

  • Vacuum carpets and all upholstered furniture, up to one and a half meters in height. Above a flea do not get, and here lodge in low padded stools and even cushions with great pleasure.
  • Beat out and wash a cat's laying. With covers and pillowcases of pillows on which the fluffy pet is in the habit to lie it is better to arrive in the same way.
  • For disinfection of upholstered furniture it is quite possible to use the iron with function of an otparivaniye. The main thing, make sure that similar "ironing" will not damage an upholstery.
  • Process if it is possible, the room means against insects, for example, "Dichlorvos" then densely close all doors and windows at several o'clock. In 3 – 4 hours the room will need to be opened and once again carefully to wash up.
  • If dry cleaning, for some reason, cannot be used, it is possible to use folk remedy. Dissolve laundry soap in warm water and add to it 100 – 200 grams of vinegar. Carefully wipe with this solution a floor and carpets. After cleaning close doors and windows and leave the room in such look for 5-6 hours. Certainly, animals for this time should be moved away from the room and it is better to use a gauze bandage.
  • Mix baking soda and salt in equal proportions and carefully rub this mix in pile of carpets. It is desirable, to leave carpets in such look for the night (10 – 12 hours if you carry out cleaning since morning). After that the room will need to be vacuumed once again, and it is possible to let the pet to a favourite chair again.

Whenever possible, it is better to use all methods. But, if time or other circumstances do not allow, it is possible to manage the vacuum cleaner and a damp rag. Though, of course, the result in this case will be not so impressive.

Certainly, it is necessary to carry out such "clear-out" together with processing of the cat. Otherwise, success will be short-lived: insects will get over from the pet's wool on a floor, and will be made a fresh start. (By the way, if to bring fleas at a cat, without carrying out full cleaning of the room, the result will be temporary too: the insects who remained in carpets will very quickly get over on an animal).

National methods of treatment of a cat for fleas

Traditional ways of fight against insects assume use of natural substances – first of all, various herbs. Our ancestors knew many cunnings. Here only some of them.

  • Make leaves of a wormwood and a tansy and regularly wash with this broth those surfaces on which the cat often lies: the smell of these plants frightens off fleas.
  • Fresh leaves of the same herbs can be put in a cat's box. And the black wormwood is famous for the greatest efficiency. Pizhma possesses not so powerful action therefore it is better to use it in a complex or for prevention.
  • A great way to save a cat from fleas – to make her mattress of shaving of coniferous trees – firs, thujas, pines.
  • There is one more miracle plant capable to expel fleas at a cat: nut. Gather in the fall of dry nut leaves and regularly pour them in cat's "lodge". Fleas of this smell do not take out; and here cats very much love.
  • Also perfectly broth from a cheremitsa helps against fleas.
  • In "national veterinary science" there are also shampoos with success replacing purchased means. First of all it is tar soap. It is absolutely harmless so it is possible to wash with it even kittens, since 5-6 weeks. The sharp, long keeping smell of this substance perfectly helps to get rid of insects; the main thing to watch that foam did not get to an animal into eyes.

How to bring fleas at a kitten folk remedies

Kittens up to one and a half months cannot be processed any chemical means so the question of "grandmother's methods" becomes especially relevant. The best (and the safest) remain way of disposal of the baby of fleas bathing with the subsequent comb-out.

Perfectly weak salt solution helps against fleas. Part in a basin with warm water 2-3 tablespoons of table salt and carefully lower a kitten there. It is possible to wash out a hair in this liquid, and it is possible just to take in it the kid of 10 minutes. Do not forget that before bathing it is necessary to stop up ears with small pieces of cotton wool and to watch closely that water did not get to an animal into eyes.

 Perfectly broth of a cheremitsa, a wormwood or a tansy is suitable for bathing. It is necessary to boil herbs 45 minutes, to cool up to the temperature of 35 - 40 degrees and, filling in a basin, to take in it a kitten half an hour. Water quickly cools down, and the kitten can freeze. Therefore it is possible to add to the capacity of warm water that temperature of "bathtub" remained at the previous level gradually.

By the way, the kittens since childhood accustomed to water procedures treat them further much more quietly. So, and problems with bathing of the pet will be much less.

After the end of washing of a kitten it is necessary to turn in the warm, well absorbing moisture fabric and to wait until the hair dries. You should not use the hair dryer: such loud sound can strongly frighten the fluffy kid. Then it is necessary only to comb out wool a small crest.

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