How to bring up a parrot

How to bring up a parrot

The first that the loving owners have to make, it to begin training of the parrot. Without the correct education the birds can become just intolerable. Training of a bird has to be continuous. Only in this case it is possible to achieve considerable progress.

It is required to you

  • treat for a parrot.


1. Find the most favourite delicacy of a parrot. Also treat him every time for good behavior. Do it always of a hand, never put it in a feeding trough. If the parrot prefers to food caress, in that case award him with what he very much loves.

2. Determine the amount of encouragement. The parrot wants to receive as much as possible, and at you to give interest as little as possible to prolong a training. It is necessary to find golden mean which will suit also you, and your birdie. For great success give one big reward better, than for each attempt - there is a lot of small. But, that the bird felt confidence, it needs to be encouraged and praised for any even tiny progress.

3. Break training into several stages. You should not expect ideal execution of team at once. Be engaged with a parrot on 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day.

4. Training in teams should be begun in the specially allotted room "back" and "forward". The parrot has to sit at the stand for trainings. To train in team "forward" show to a bird a treat which is at you in hands. Tell: "forward". When the birdie to learn to approach you and to take delicacy, slowly place the second hand compressed in a fist between a parrot and a treat. It is also possible to suggest a bird to step into an edge of your palm. Encourage any attempt of a bird at the first stages to get closer to you. If the parrot lost balance or flew away, let's it calm down. Then in that place where there is a bird, repeat exercise again. Do not return back it, on the new place the bird can execute the command better. After the bird took a forage and wants to leave, say team: "back". Bring implementation of commands to automatism "back" and "forward". The parrot has to carry out them everywhere and always without the fact that you should repeat teams several times or to raise the voice.

5. You pass to development of teams it "is possible" and "no". "No" you say team when the bird makes or is going to do something forbidden. Do not forget to reward a parrot for the correct implementation of this command. For example, if you found the pet behind eating of your book, ordered "no", and the bird stopped doing it at once, it needs to be rewarded. If the parrot refuses to listen to you, make the unexpected easy movement to draw its attention. The parrot will be forced to look at you and will stop the occupation. Praise and award a bird. As a last resort, use any subject which is not pleasant to a parrot. For example, show a towel, at the same time give the command "no". Team it "is possible" give when you see that the parrot wants to make something not forbidden. It is not necessary to award for implementation of this command as an opportunity to make it, and is an award.

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