How to bring up a puppy

How to bring up a puppy

Unfortunately, so it happens – the newborn puppy was left without maternal milk. The best that it is possible to make in this situation – to find to the kid the foster mother. However it is possible to make it not always. How to bring up a newborn puppy?

It is required to you

  • - pipette, the syringe, a small bubble, zhgutik from cotton wool or a brush;
  • - goat or cow's milk, substitute of suchy milk;
  • - fresh eggs;
  • - children's cream;
  • - white loaf, porridges, meat soup, meat, greens.


1. Buy substitute of suchy milk in pet-shop. All instructions on preparation are given on packing. The puppy can be fed with also goat milk.

2. If to buy substitute or goat milk there is no opportunity, and time does not suffer, for the first time it is possible to feed the kid with cow's milk. However, in pure form it is not suitable for feeding of puppies. Take 250 g of boiled cow's milk, add 1 crude egg yolk. Cool mix to 38 degrees. Feed the kid from the pipette. It is necessary to remember that it is nearly better to finish feeding, than to overfeed. At the first feeding do not give to a puppy more than a half of the pipette of mix.

3. If you did not have a pipette, use the small syringe. Instead of a needle put on a rubber tubule it. It is possible to use small small bottles from under drops. Put on an elastic band from the pipette a neck of a bubble and puncture in it a hole. As a last resort, if at all it was succeeded to find nothing, curtail zhgutik from cotton wool. Lower it in milk, and then squeeze out it to the puppy in a mouth. It is possible to use a small brush for drawing. Dip it into mix, and then enclose in a mouth of a puppy. Milk on a uvula of the kid has to get literally on drops, otherwise it can choke.

4. Puppies grow quickly. In the first week the kids eat very often, up to 12 times a day. The amount of the consumed milk does not exceed 200 g. But by 4 weeks the number of feedings is reduced to 6, and the amount of the consumed milk increases 2-3 glasses a day. Except ready substitutes, goat and mixes from cow's milk, it is possible to use children's cream, for example, of Agush. Add to them a small amount of an egg yolk.

5. From 2 weeks feed up a puppy the white loaf soaked in milk, liquid milk porridges with addition of fresh egg. Since 3 weeks, surely several times a day give water. From 3.5 weeks feed up meat soup, and in 4.5 enter into a diet boiled meat - twice a day on 15-20 g. At the same age begin to give small cut greens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team