How to bring up a puppy of a Shar-Pei

How to bring up a puppy of a Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei – the excellent friend and the partner devoted to the owner and loving all members of his family. He is on friendly terms with children and pets, is quickly accustomed to an order, he can be supported in city apartments. Besides the Shar-Pei has peculiar and very original appearance which distinguishes him from series of dogs on any platform. That the puppy already since childhood showed all the excellent qualities, it needs to be brought up correctly.


1. From the first days in the house specify to a dog her place. Shar-Peis love big baskets or stove benches with sides – on them they feel safe. Buy a puppy a stove bench "for growth" and add it with a soft mattress which can be erased in the car.

2. Observe the feeding mode. The Shar-Pei possesses quite sensitive stomach, besides he can be prone to an allergy. Pick up a suitable diet and divide day norm into two portions – morning and evening. Do not allow a dog to select scraps on the street and limit amount of home-made delicacies.

3. A peculiar appearance of a Shar-Pei sometimes frightens passersby. They can not know about friendly and phlegmatic temper of your pet. Therefore in crowded places the dog is obliged to wear a collar with a lead and a muzzle. Lower it from a lead only outdoors or in the territory of the dog platform.

4. Do not tire an animal with long walks. Shar-Peis do not love a bad weather and sun roast. Long marathon distances to them also not to liking. Favourite option of leisure for this dog – philosophical contemplation of vicinities from your favourite sofa or noisy house games.

5. Do not leave a dog alone for long time. Shar-Peis are very sociable. It is good if in the house there are children or other pets who will become for a dog friends on games.

6. Accustom a puppy to hygiene. Features of an integument demand obligatory washing of a dog each 40-45 days. The dog has to stand quietly in a bathtub, waiting for the end of a procedure. Do not allow a puppy to spin and jump out of water, otherwise subsequently you will not be able to cope with an adult dog. Daily process the pet's wool a rubber brush for short-haired dogs.

7. The Shar-Pei is sensitive to low temperatures. Buy a dog the warmed overalls or knit to it a warm sweater. Such equipment will help to extend time of winter walks. Surely protect small pillows of paws of a dog from salt and chemical reagents. Grease them with special cream or put on the pet the special not getting wet boots before each exit to the street.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team