How to bring up a puppy of a terrier

How to bring up a puppy of a terrier

Initially terriers were hunting dogs. They perfectly proved in catching of norny animals. Now most of representatives of this breed decorative, "sofa" pets. And the toy terrier of the fashionista was turned in general into a prestigious accessory.


1. Education of a puppy of any dog, and terrier including, begins with schooling to a nickname. It is possible to make it during feeding of the kid. Put a little forage in a bowl and call a little terrier by name. He will surely come running to the owner's legs. Stroke it on the head, put a bowl on a floor and praise. The most bright kids remember the name already on third day of training. And on it it is required to some up to two weeks.

2. The following obligatory command for a puppy – "is impossible" or "faugh". If the kid gnaws footwear or furniture, bites, sends other pets, it needs to be stopped strictly. Take a puppy for a nape, stop it, accurately seat on a floor. Firmly tell "faugh" or it "is impossible". Take away a subject from a mouth. If the little terrier obeyed, treat him with delicacy. It is necessary to fulfill this procedure to such an extent that the dog immediately stopped any occupation, having heard these teams.

3. It is obligatory to teach a dog to team "to me" in the first months of her life. This skill will help to avoid unpleasant situations on walks. Call a puppy by name, adding "to me". At the same time pat on a hip a hand. When the kid approached, give him a tasty piece. So he very quickly will understand the meaning of this team.

4. One more necessary skill - cleanliness. It is necessary to accustom a puppy to a toilet on the street after 2.5 months when all vaccination is done. At first the kid should be brought to the yard often - 5-6 times a day. It is necessary to do it right after food and a dream. When the dog makes the affairs - surely praise her. You carry with yourself delicacy and treat a puppy. Approximately by 3-3.5 months the little terrier will begin to celebrate need only on the street. Unless will leave couple of pools on a floor at night. But by 6 months all dogs have to cease to soil in the house.

5. The teams "lie", "sit", "aport" and others are taught decorative dogs at will. The most important is to teach a puppy of "politeness". He should not bark loudly just like that, rush on people and other animals, spoil things.

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