How to bring up alaby

How to bring up alaby

Alabay, or the Central Asian sheep-dog - very large and strong animal. It is heavy to support him in the apartment. Most comfortably this massive dog feels in the country, in the open-air cage.


1. Alaba - sentry dogs. And since early childhood the puppies try to protect owners and their property. It is necessary not only to encourage this valuable quality, but also to control. Self-sacrificing alaba are sometimes too initiative, and try to protect owners even then when no danger threatens them. And as the adult Central Asian sheep-dog - a being very large to constrain their rush quite hard.

2. The puppy alaby needs to be trained in the fact that to show aggression without the reason - it is forbidden. Teach him to the Foo team. He has to carry out it immediately and without repetitions. When the puppy does that he has enough, approach him, tell strictly "Faugh" and press a sacrum. It will force the kid to sit down and distract from the business. Look to a puppy in eyes and once again tell "Foo". Release a puppy. If he fell back into the old ways, repeat the actions. If ceased to do what you forbade - praise and give delicacy. At the first stages of training always feed up the kid tasty if he deserved it. So he will quicker remember teams.

3. You have to let know to a puppy that you - main. If not to become for such large dog the leader, it can sadly end. If you walk with a dog on a lead, do not assume that she pulled you forward. The puppy can think that he is a leader. Let the kid go near you.

4. Accustom a puppy to the new team "To a Leg". For this purpose put a treat in a pocket, let the kid feel it. Make a lead shorter that the puppy felt a tension. Hold a dog nearby, repeating the To a Leg team. Begin walking. Pass 10-20 meters and praise a puppy that he did not try to be torn forward. Give him delicacy. Go forward, repeating team and holding a lead. Over time, when the puppy will acquire team, it is possible to weaken a tension or to absolutely unhook a lead.

5. Always you remember that alaba - strong and large animals, and can frighten passersby of one look. People can begin to do sharp movements which the dog will apprehend as threat to or to the owner. In order to avoid accidents in places of a congestion of people muzzle on alaby, walk without lead only where you are precisely sure of absence of strangers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team