How to bring up and train huskies it is correct

How to bring up and train huskies it is correct

Huskies — absolutely nonaggressive, benevolent breed of dog. As sentry these dogs, for example, practically do not use. However, as well as any other breed, at huskies has some shortcomings of character. For example, these dogs show strong tendency to vagrancy. Besides these dogs are very willful. Therefore many dog breeders are interested in how to bring up huskies it is correct, having excluded possibility of any problems.


1. Just acquired puppy huskies will is surely feel a little oppressed. Therefore support the new pet by tender words and give him some toy. Dogs of this breed are very active and trustful to people. Therefore too long because of change of a situation the puppy will not be in a condition of a stress, most likely.

2. Surely buy an individual laying for a puppy and put it in the hall or the hall. The dog of breed huskies, as well as at any other, has to have own place. Also get a separate bowl for the new pet.

3. Huskies start education of a puppy at once after he poobvykntsya. Huskies — breed though benevolent, but very willful. If the puppy does not feel in you the real owner, in the subsequent with it there will be a set of problems. Do not lisp with a puppy at all. From the very first days huskies has to acquire lives in the apartment or the house that he can do and what is impossible.

4. Correctly combine such methods of education as a praise and punishment. To shout at the pet and the more so you should not beat him at all. It will not bring effect. If huskies too gets naughty, just take it by the scruff and accurately raise. Quite so in pack of canids leaders at insubordination of her members behave. At such address at huskies the instinct will work and it will become more appeasable.

5. Of course, many owners of such dogs would like to learn not only about how to bring up, but also how to train huskies. From the first days begin to accustom a puppy to respond to the nickname. Huskies — dogs clever and, most likely, in 5-7 days after the beginning of training the result will be achieved.

6. Filling I go to a bowl, tap with it more feasibly on a floor and you say the To Me team. After a while the puppy will begin to resort behind a treat from any room. Gradually he will learn also actually team.

7. Stop all attempts of a puppy to climb on a sofa, a chair or a bed. Having seen the pet in not put place, at once transfer it to a laying, saying teams also "Place" "Is impossible".

8. Deliver to a little puppy a tray. In attempt to make "business" on a carpet or on a floor, carefully pick up it and transfer to the prepared toilet. You praise a puppy every time as he will defecate in a tray.

9. Matured huskies accustom to go to a toilet at the same time in the morning and in the evening. Walk with a puppy only on a lead. As it was already mentioned, huskies adore being lost and on the tramp. Except the To Me team surely learn with the pet teams "Nearby" and "to Sit".

10. In the first case wait until the dog runs a little forward, and tighten her to a leg a lead. At the same time say by a strict voice "Nearby". Do so periodically on walks. The feeling of a distance at these dogs is developed very well and in several days the dog will understand what from it is required.

11. To teach huskies to the Sit team, use some delicacy. Order a dog "Nearby". Then accurately press her one back closer to a tail, lift the prepared treat over the head of a dog and bring him slightly back. At the same time say the Sit team.

12. How to bring up a puppy huskies — a question rather simple. But owners should have patience and to pay to the pet more attention. Huskies - breed freedom-loving. Sometimes these dogs even show hostility to owners without the reasons seen on that. To lighten a dog the mood, in that case treat him with something or walk. These active dogs just adore walking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team