How to bring up British

How to bring up British

The British cats – breed of the clever animals having own character. To bring up them, punishing, it is impossible – the cat all the same will find a way to show character, and will begin to be afraid of the owner who is severe with her. But the British, as well as other cats, willingly make a compromise, conforming to the rules adopted in your house. These animals as any others, are inclined to an order, and the purpose of the owner are only to let know to the pet, how exactly it is necessary to behave.


1. First of all acquire the principle: not to depart from rules of education under no circumstances. If you disaccustom a cat to jump on a table or to beg during a lunch, then it is worth departing only once from this rule as the animal will decide that it is just the owner's whim. If it is not obligatory for some rule to conform constantly, then it is not obligatory at all. The British feel a weak point, they will not fail to use that the owner allows the pet too much. If you forbid something to the British cat, be consecutive.

2. There are rules which each British cat has to acquire. These are the questions concerning where the animal goes to a toilet whether it can go outside also some other aspects of education. But other rules differ at all owners. Someone not against the cat slept on the keyboard, went on tables or jumped on cases. And some specially train the pet that he knew the name and responded to it, got used to eat in certain time or on a special signal, quietly transferred transportation, etc. Develop the set of rules and the bans for an animal.

3. Bringing up a cat of the British breed, do not resort to such measures as violence. So you will only intimidate an animal, or will even achieve that it will enter with you the conflict. This cat breed has pronounced character therefore to convince them it is necessary to introduce any ban by means of caress, encouraging an animal if he made everything correctly. The British love the owners, they try to behave so that everything it was comfortable together.

4. If the British kitten somewhere played a dirty trick, then it is possible to abuse him, only if the act occurred quite recently, and the animal understands that exactly not so. It is necessary to tell a cat that you are dissatisfied with him. It is not necessary to raise the voice, cats very sensitive, they understand everything and so. If you begin to shout at British, he will be frightened and can begin to spoil or be scratched more for fear, than for harm as some owners think.

5. Happens that the British cat scratches furniture, sharpens claws about a sofa or tears clothes. In this case buy it a claw sharpener and cat's toys. It is vital to sharpen claws to a cat, not to allow it to do it approximately too most, as not to allow to go, for example, to a toilet. Toys are capable to distract a cat from other things which he spoils just with boredom.

6. If your kitten British makes progress, surely praise him. Encourage achievements of the pet that he understood what everything does correctly, then you will be able to bring up the animal having steady mentality and benevolent character.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team