How to bring up cats

How to bring up cats

Quite often among owners of animals it is possible to meet opinion that only dogs give in to training and education, and cats are capricious and independent. These qualities really are present at character of cats, but, nevertheless, cats perfectly give in to education and if you from the first day of appearance of a cat in your house are engaged in educational process, the result will pleasantly surprise you. The kitten who got to your house demands training in rules of conduct and good manners – without your management he does not learn about them, and subsequently it will bring you and your family many troubles.


1. Kind of you loved the kitten, do not allow it to do all. Having spoiled a cat, it is very difficult to bring up her further. Tenderly, but firmly explain to a kitten what is possible and that it is impossible to do to him in your house.

2. To punish a cat for offense it is useless as, unlike a dog, it does not accept punishment into the account of own offense, and considers it personal insult, and can seriously take offense at you. To reconciliation with a cat the owner always has to take the first step.

3. If the kitten does what cannot be done – for example, tears up furniture or scratches clothes – explain to him with quiet tone that these actions are inadmissible, but do not punish him by force.

4. Influence a cat by change of intonations of a voice. You praise a cat soft and tender tone, and abuse – strict and serious. If the cat tends to bite the owner in the course of the game, surely disaccustom her to this addiction. Do not beat an animal at all - the brute force can forever spoil yours with him the relations.

5. That the cat grew clever, well-mannered and quiet, she has to grow in the atmosphere of care and love. Therefore if in the house there are small children, explain to them that a cat – the new family member who requires attention and caress. Let children know that the cat cannot be offended, otherwise she can grow intimidated and nervous.

6. In order that the cat did not spoil your walls and furniture, get a good claw sharpener and sprinkle it cat's mint that the cat transferred the instinct of sharpening of claws to a safe object.

7. Disaccustom a kitten to elicit food from a table d'hote. That the kitten did not feel hungry during a family lunch, feed him before sitting down at a table, and then distract a toy.

8. Toys in general are very important for education of a cat – if she has no toys, the cat according to natural instincts will gnaw and spoil footwear, clothes and other objects. Toys will help a kitten to realize the requirements and will distract attention from your personal belongings.

9. To distract an animal from damage of houseplants, plant a cat's grass or mint in a separate pot. Track that among your houseplants there were no herbs, poisonous for cats, – a calendula, tulips, lilies of the valley, an ivy, wistaria, crocuses and other flowers which are unhealthy cats.

10. If your cat is aggressive – just show tranquility and submission. The cat will apprehend it as a signal to reciprocal tranquility.

11. The main condition correct education of a cat is a lack of physical force and coercion. Keep the mutually respectful relations with an animal, and the cat will answer you with love and devotion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team