How to bring up dogs

How to bring up dogs

Education of a dog - an indispensable condition which purpose is to grow up from it an obedient and balanced canine friend.


1. Education of a dog - very responsible and demanding great efforts, patience and time occupation. Therefore it is not recommended to assign this duty to the child 7 years are younger. The most important governed at education of a dog - never shout and do not beat her. The intimidated and unbalanced animal with whom it will be a shame to you to seem on the street will grow.

2. If the dog was guilty of something, speak with her strict tone. And at the time of offense commission, and in any way not through some time after that. At dogs as at children, the sense of time is not developed, and the fact that the dog did in 5 minutes at all will be forgotten by her.

3. Do not expect that your education immediately will render positive effect. Perhaps, several such will be required "a serious talk" that the dog understood that it is impossible to do it. Do not use verbose tirades, you tell simple words: it "is impossible" or "faugh".

4. Find out the reason why the dog made quite so. Let's say if she gnaws footwear or legs of a chair, at her most likely teeth are cut. Just allocate her such thing – a stick or a toy – which she could gnaw in the pleasure. Toys has to be much, you do not stint them for the friend. Play with a dog, at least in a ball more often. It will bring pleasure to both of you.

5. If others things, an exit one were gnawed – remove them far away, there, where the dog will not be able to get them. In general, appearance of a dog in the house leads, as a rule, to improvement of self-organization and self-discipline. It is necessary to be accustomed to remove everything that badly lies, costs or hangs (pencils, flowers, a cloth), otherwise the thing will be spoiled and, notice, through your fault.

6. Gradually accustom a puppy to a collar and a lead. Should not be so that put on and at once dragged to walk. Of course, he will be frightened and will escape. Put on a collar for several minutes, ironing and calming the pupil tender words. Then remove. Repeat this operation several times a day during at least 3 days. Then begin to fasten a lead to a collar. Only having made sure that new things do not frighten the pet any more, you go outside.

7. Teams forget by means of delicacies. Training a dog in the "sit" and "lie" teams, show her as to do it. Repeating the necessary team and pressing fingers on a sacrum of a dog, force it to sit down, and then, extending her forepaws forward – to lay down. Do not forget to praise the pet for understanding and to encourage with delicacy and tender words.

8. As encouragement there is enough one small crouton or ball of a dog forage. The earned award - the most tasty and sweet. Do not overfeed the pet.

9. Try that the lesson did not last long too, 5 minutes for once are quite enough. Lessons have to alternate with games. Then at your pupil interest in training will not be gone.

10. Stop attempts of a puppy to bark at everyone on the street. Straighten out by a strict voice, otherwise "bag of wind" will grow up.

11. Remember that only love and caress it is possible to achieve that your pet will become obedient and well-mannered over time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team