How to bring up the British kitten

How to bring up the British kitten

Education of a pet - business laborious, demanding from the owner literally inhuman patience and understanding, desire to understand the favourite, to find with it a common language. Besides that you need to master features of behavior and habits of animals, it is necessary to remember also specific characteristics of any given breed. So occurs if you want to bring up the British kitten.

It is required to you

  • - feeding trough;
  • - lodge (laying);
  • - tray (2);
  • - toys.


1. Adhere to the general recommendations about education of kittens. Avoid the morals and punishments following after commission of any given offense. Remember that effective punishment can be only at the time of crime commission, but at all not to – otherwise the kitten just will not understand what you call it for. And anyway, it is worth refusing excessively cruel measures. The most effective way – plain cotton in palms or short angry exclamation. Use one exclamation to fix reaction. What you wanted to achieve, - to disaccustom to jump on a table or, for example, to accustom to the place, keep calm and friendliness.

2. Use imagination to disaccustom a kitten to undesirable actions, without injuring him. For example, the rustling foil which will kill for it appeal of this place will help to put an end to its aspirations to get on a master's bed. If you fight against puddles on a floor, at first make sure that it is comfortable and convenient to it to go to a toilet in that place which you to it defined. The British kittens, as well as adult individuals, differ in the big sizes and therefore they need a lot of place – including in a tray. If they are not able to be developed freely there, with high probability they will go to look for more comfortable territory for a spravleniye of natural needs.

3. Make a diet to which you will strictly adhere from now on. At once think over to whom and when conveniently feeds a kitten, and try to minimize the probability of change of the chosen mode. Remember that it is better if food costs not day and night, but moves several times (more often or less often – depending on age of a kitten). So you accustom a kitten is in certain hours. You should not eat before its feeding if you want not to bring up in it habits to elicit tidbits from your table. Remember that the golden rule of the owner of a cat or dog – at first to feed the favourite, then to eat most.

4. Do not impose to the British kitten his place, wait until your willful pet himself finds the most comfortable corner in his house, and try to put a lodge there or just put a laying.

5. Do not forget that the British breed needs a large amount of caress and attention and if it lacks care, disagreements which considerably will complicate education process can begin. Especially as the most part of fault for mischief of a kitten will lie already on you, and it will be difficult to it to understand what effect are had to you are unpleasant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team